Apple iPhone 12 Pro review: Enter the 5G era

Watch part 1 here for the iPhone 12 and everything it shares with the 12 Pro:

At the risk of sounding a little dramatic, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are more than just phones — they’re the beginning of a new era for Apple. The company didn’t just launch a boatload of new hardware in mid-October: It also signaled a dramatic shift in the company’s smartphone design, marked Apple’s embrace of the world’s growing 5G networks, and the revival of MagSafe (can’t I saw that coming). Now, new iPhones are pretty big deals anyway, but the 12 and 12 Pro might be bigger deals than ever.

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41 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 Pro review: Enter the 5G era”

  1. VERY DANGEROUS Covid is all to hide the devastating effects from 5G SATELLITES !
    Would you like your brain FRIED or EASY OVER ??? Destroying us and our planet !

  2. Great review, thank you. p.s. dear God, pls make these ads stop. I tried rewinding the video to where the camera review starts and was forced to watch 7 ads. YouTube Premium here I come.

  3. so, basically I can purchase a 12 pro and not bother with a SLR camera.. saving the money on the camera purchase because iphone 12… big plus, no darkroom either.

  4. Its 2020 and Apple making every single of u fools!! U guys have platform use it and talk about this..boycott this phn this yr apple will realize!!!! Actually removing charger is not for environment its for they r business profit that they can shipping more boxs its double!!! and they r salling only phn with same price infact more prices..its double profit!!!! if they really did it for environment then price should be so so less bcoz its only bloody phn!! They can give they r new earpods in a box bcoz price is not less even bigger!! So it will fair!! bt no price is same infact more…so its a strategy…Stop being fool!!! so pls Apple put charger and headphn like berfore!!! We want value for money!🙏🙏🙏 Be fair🙏🙏

  5. I ordered my 12 pro gold today, it will arrive in December. I've never had an Iphone before, always been a big fan of Samsung, but I'm looking forward to testing this one.

  6. apple fan boys youtubers can't really talk about small iphone batery,64 gb storage ,60hz displays no charger,no headphones, ugly notch notch,no reverse charge overpriced phones,no usb c port

  7. I went to an AT&T store yesterday to look at the 12 and 12 Pro. The employee was nice enough to take the 12 Pro out of the lock case so I could do a side by side camera comparison to my XS Max. The warm tint on the 12 Pro camera was undeniably noticeable compared to XS Max. Even the store employee thought it looked unnatural when I compared the photos taken on each phone. (It was 8:30 pm when I went into AT&T so I made sure night shift and True Tone were off on both phones prior to starting the comparison)

  8. Why so many people complain about finger prints on the sides when everyone unless you are insanely stupid would always buy a case for their iPhone so it’s completely irrelevant. Otherwise looks very smart design .

  9. The Telephoto lens is meant to be used for Portraits…not for capturing objects at a distance. Because you're right, if something is far away then walk closer. But if you're taking a portrait and want to fill the frame with their face, then the telephoto allows you to do that while also maintaining social distance.

  10. I’m not getting the pro because of the camera or all the features I’m getting the pro MAX because of the screen size .

  11. 2020 new era and still interrupted by low battery notifications… 2020 and you cant put those notifications on banners…

  12. Okay I live in Manhattan on the upper east side of Madison square Park avenue in a certain skyline and my 5G on this Galaxy Note 20 ultra it just blows those specs away that you described unless you we're across the river in Brooklyn or in one of the other boroughs ? sorry about that I watched this again I know exactly where you were you should be getting the same reception that I'm getting here on the upper East side. But the Galaxy Note 20 I'm getting better specs than what you were describing on this iphone . you need to be talking about the iPhone pro Max not the little baby iPhone pro the cheap one more like the pro Max and you would probably be getting what I get on this 6.7 inch Galaxy Note 20 ultra and then my husband Michael he is getting even better for some reason on his Galaxy Fold 2 . for some reason that is getting better 5G reception than my note 20 ultra and they're supposed to be the same thing only difference is his has the big screen that opens up that thing is a beast he got the special edition that might be the reason I don't know but the iPhone pro Max when that comes out it'll probably be equal to both of these galaxies or even better. Because its 6.7 screen . and my husband is traveling in southern California right now and I told him to bring me back one tomorrow when he comes home to Manhattan and if he can't get me one nobody can get one because he knows he'll catch hell if he don't come back with one and if he can't get it I don't see how he got even the small 12 pro ? The only person who has these new IPHONES is Philip on everything Apple pro he has the promax and the pro I know that for a fact. The little guy with the dark brown hair ; that's Russian , that looks like he's 16 years old. He loves his Audi ! That boy. I wonder if my Galaxy Note 20 ultra has that lidar thing? I hate that blue color it's ugly as sin !

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