Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review

Lisa Gade reviews the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple’s 2020 smaller entry in the Pro line of smartphones. It’s not as small as it used to be at 6.1”, and in fact shares the same casing design and dimensions as the iPhone 12 that we’ll also review. The 12 Pro has a 2532 x 1170 (460 PPI) Super Retina XDR OLED display covered in ceramic glass, the new MagSafe magnetic Qi 15 watt Qi charging system support, and it runs iOS 14 on the A14 Bionic CPU. The phone has 6GB RAM and is available with 128/256/512GB storage. The phone has triple rear 12MP cameras with wider aperture and improved night mode, Face ID and Dolby Vision HDR video recording.

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  1. I love Lisa’s reviews but the bottom line here is you won’t get much of a noticeable upgrade. Your monthly bill will go up though and you’ll have to stump up over $50 to get a charger that takes advantage of the benefit you changed your phone plan to to achieve. Getting an upgrade used to be exciting, iPhone upgrades today feel like shelling out ever more cash to maintain a status quo which isn’t industry leading. I think we deserve more.

  2. i have an old ass sammy charger that is literally under a pane of glass on my nightstand. it was like 3 dollars and it works flawlessly . Gl with ur like 300 dollar magnets and stuff.

  3. You are paying 800 quid (+ !) for
    an outdated display as per usual for Apple. – 60hz Screen!

    You will be kicking yourself once you've used a higher
    refresh screen now offered on most phones other than
    budget models.

    What else do we have that is at the very least annoying
    and lagging behind most brands ; Lets start with the
    huge notch which will render at least 5% ofthe claimed
    display size useless. Great. Then there is the ligtning port.
    The rest ofthe world has moved to USB-C. No finger print
    scanner only face ID? Fantastic in these days of Covid
    (and masks). Did I mention you have to pay extra for a
    (slow) charger? Apple has not yet adopted fast charging! –
    Allround a really good deal then . –

    So what can you expect in the next iphone ? A high
    refresh screen, likely 1 20hz. – A return to more
    comfortable, aestethically pleasing and practical rounded
    sides. – No more Notch. An added (under display?) finger
    print reader. – No more Lightning Ports. Fast charging.

    Still think this iteration is a great deal/phone?

    Honestly, you Apple fanboys 😁

    My tip … Skip this one or, if you really must have a fruit
    get the basic 12 and sell it when the next one is released.
    Alternatively wait a month (or less) and get a Pixel 5 when
    its discounted for Black Friday!

  4. Iphones 11,12 camera are so overrated . When is sunny the colors are oversaturated, but when is cloudy the colors are sooooo dull and that apparently supposed to be true to life.

  5. Me da la impresion que la compañia Apple no sabe negociar los precios de sus telefonos o le suben el precio a sus equipos deliveradamente. Puedo decir que este telefono no esta del todo terminado, lo sacaron al mercado apurado paraa no perder clientes. Aun falta por pulir muchas cosas, sobre todo el precio. Ellos hacen uso y abuso de la fama de los iphone en USA.

  6. Lisa, it always comes down to you. Always upfront and completely through with your reviews, absolutely what we've come to expect from the best tech reviewer on youtube. Thanks again, always good to know I made the right choice when it comes to my Tech.

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