Apple iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing: Gold vs Pacific Blue!

Here is a look at the new flagship from Apple – the iPhone 12 Pro! Taking a look at the Gold and Pacific Blue colors, along with the new box design! Subscribe for more:
Apple iPhone 12 Unboxing:
iPhone 12 Pro review: coming soon

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37 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing: Gold vs Pacific Blue!”

  1. I really love the gold from the iPhone 11 Pro Max…it was more of a rose gold. The gold from the iPhone 12 Pro Max…looks so white.
    I really love the pacific blue…it’s more of a teal…and it matches my Travelers Company Notebook.

  2. can someone help me out? im planning on getting the iphone 12 pro but i don’t know which color. I’m stuck between silver and gold, but i love both. which should i choose?

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