Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Mini review

The new iPhone is here, with an improved processor, more camera modes, and slightly brighter screen. The changers are appreciated, but the iPhone 13 doesn’t feel like a huge leap over the iPhone 12, and may not be a must-have upgrade except for Apple superfans.

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33 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Mini review”

  1. To be honest everybody needs to understand that it’s a mini so 12 mini and 13 mini are going to have a small batteries small form factor small things. Personally I have the iPhone 12 mini and I enjoy this phone and I have enjoyed the phone for one year since it was released November 13, 2020 and I plan on keeping this phone for 12 mini and get the 13 money because Apple will not make a 14 minute so I’ll have two small phones to go back-and-forth with and have a few years of use the portability and the compact size is great it reminds me of the phones of early years I think people don’t give Apple enough credit to stick their neck out and actually make a small like this for the people that missed it most. Everybody is so gung ho about bigger phones and bigger displays and 120 Hz promotion and all that stuff but guess what it cost money to have those things and people go into debt just to get it.

  2. Got the iPhone 13 Mini yesterday, to replace an ageing Samsung Galaxy S9, having decided I fancied a change from Android. Display, speed and battery life have impressed so far, which is more than I can say for the hoops Apple Pay and iTunes had me jumping through before I could even download an app!

    60Hz is clearly one of the main trade-offs for respectable battery performance in such a conveniently sized and reasonably priced phone. Actual screen quality is top-notch on the 13 Mini though, and many will say that's more important, so I think to suggest anyone is "missing out" is overstating the compromise somewhat.

    Nice review though.

  3. its so weird that this review focuses so heavy on the iphone 12 as most people dont upgrade every year and most people are coming from iphone 11 or older. might be time for endgaget to get out of its bubble.

  4. I still prefer FaceID over TouchID as I have a pair of wet hands. I found it very annoying whenever unlocking the iPhone with fingerprints, so FaceID is the best choice for me.

  5. If you don’t like the iPhone stop doing reviews like you are doing, you get responses from people believing you are apple users when you aren’t..

  6. I bought myself the iPhone 13 mini o.o it was 50 dollars down and not that much extra on my monthly bill. So like can’t beat it. Been wanting a better camera anyways:D and the iPhone 12 was like not worth it to me.

  7. In all honesty should be only 3 models with all the features from the pro, mini size regular size and max size . But what am I saying that would make to much sense 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Honest feedback after few days with the 13 Mini: really impressed by the battery life. Today I had 06h55 of SOT and 30% left, that’s actually better compared to my 12 Pro 🤯

  9. Nobody talks about the new front speaker. In my opinion that desing is a failure. Than piece of speakers and it’s implementation seems from an Android phone from 2012 or 2013

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