Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

The Verge reviews the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s new hybrid between smartphone and tablet, the iPhone 6 Plus can do much more than you’ve ever done on an iPhone.

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37 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review”

  1. Such hypocrites, they said for years phones didn't need to be bigger, that the note line was unwieldy and far too large. This phone gets released and everything changes.

  2. I have i phone 6+ .. the problem is gray lines appear on upper screen .. and touch device does not work for a period .. The agent refuses to replace the phone , he say maintenance contract is
    Expired.. Note that every body know that is manufacturing defect

  3. just got the 6 plus. was thinking about the 7 but the no headphone jack was a deal breaker. i use it way too often still and i would probably lose the little cable for the headphone jack on the 7 anyway. and the 6s plus was much cheaper anyway.

  4. Why does people say that this phone looks like the HTC One M8/M9? The iPhone and HTC One look NOTHING alike, aside from the fact that they're both made from aluminum.

  5. For some reason I really want this phone, even though I have a Galaxy s5 right now. But my phone is starting to get really slow and laggy like most Android phones I've used. I would definitely buy this if I didn't have the Samsung gear 2, I might just sell it

  6. The bottom line is everyone gets a phone that they want and like. As long as the owner or the phone is happy with what they have why do you guys have to call them "brainless" or a "fanboy". Choosing a phone because someone else told you to would truly be brainless. Just let everyone be. If you like your phone, good for you that is awesome just don't go around calling people names just because they have a phone you don't prefer. I have owned the Samsung Galaxy s2 and the nexus 4 and currently own an iPhone 5s. The iPhone is the best choice for me as a person and I love using it. Don't get me wrong the android phones i owned were great too I just personally like iPhones more. There is nothing wrong with that. People need to stop letting these petty things like, what phone someone has bother them. Google and Apple have produced great products, why can't we all appreciate that and call it the end of the day.

  7. People like what they like: Some people like the Samsung's Galaxy and some people like the Apple's Iphone. People need to appreciate what other people like and let it go. The more we realize that the better we become as people. Everything has it's faults, we just have to accept them and move on. Things get better and more advanced over time. Me personally, I like the Iphone, but if you like the Galaxy or Droid or whatever, I'm cool with that. Personal preference — we all have it.

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