Apple iPhone 8 Review

We’re going to be giving all of the Apple smartphones their due, but today we get things started on the ground level as we tear into the iPhone 8.

[00:00] Intro
[00:30] Design
[01:49] Display
[02:52] Performance
[03:41] Interface
[04:27] Audio
[05:28] Camera
[06:27] Battery
[07:16] Conclusion
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31 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 8 Review”

  1. Yeah my 8 is shattered. It shattered when it was dropped on a counter from about 4 inches high. It even had a case on it. Still have it tho, works fine.

  2. Currently have an iPhone 8 but it’s a black color. Want the iPhone 8 Plus and then I’ll be good but I’ll get it in time 🙂.. iPhone 8 is nice I like the camera quality and it’s a very cute size

  3. I just came here to see If I would get the iPhone 8 or 7 I don't want something too expensive cuz me broke qwq
    but I sill want an iPhone it's my dream phone

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