Apple iPhone Lightning Dock: Review

Quick review of the new Apple iPhone Lightning Dock which works with most lightning equipped Apple devices even while wearing cases.

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47 thoughts on “Apple iPhone Lightning Dock: Review”

  1. What about the lightning plug on the back ? Is it supposed only for charging or maybe it would work also with attached an usb 3 lightning adaptor for transferring data ? thanks

  2. Toward the end of the video you had an iPhone spinning around on the dock on the back of the iPhone there was some metal ring or round metal part on the phone. What was that exactly?

  3. I think most everyone who is watching this video knows Casey Neistat made a video of him making and explaining how to make a dock for a lot less money

  4. What an after thought! "My Pocket Dock" you can keep your iPhone charged and truely know it will be charged and ready next time you have an urge to play a noble game. Backed by leading standards in near excellence and customer disservice. Apple inspired meh:P

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