Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Spot the Differences!

Apple Watch Series 7 really just has 1 big upgrade.
That shirt!
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Watch provided by Apple for review.


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  1. me wonders what his bracelet means by , 'black everything um who is he talking here????.. what a shame he would advertise racist bs.. and he is super smart and i love his vids.. but that statement is racist and bullshit

  2. Check your eyes pal. Starlight is about as neutral as it gets. The red one is about the lest neutral color you can get. No wonder you’re disappointed.

  3. Around when this vid came out I made a terrible joke about the watch in the thumbnail and I kept getting spammed by a fake marques brownlee saying i a won a give and I just figured out about the bot problem on this guys vids

  4. Then you've got weirdo outcasts like me, going from wearing all black, dark grey, dark blue and blue clothes and hiding everything from people, to just say, f it, I'm gonna get myself a pink hoodie, and pink iphone. and not give a shit.

  5. Well explained short video. Thanks. I Think I’ll wait for the series 8. Right now I’m loving my Huawei watch fit elegant edition, 5 days with intensive use wearing it 24 hours and measuring sleep.

  6. It was a tough decision, but I chose the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra smartwatch instead of Apple Watch 7 mainly because the battery life of the TicWatch Pro 3 is more superior. I only have charge this watch every 3 days and every 45 days in Essential Mode.

  7. I think the display is the only thing that matters with Apple Watches by now. The rest just works as intended and everything additional seems a litte quirky to be honest

  8. i want an apple watch, i just have no use for it. i have no problem using my phone for everything the apple watch would provide. but i can tell you as someone who needs glasses all day everyday, i'm PREordering apple glass!

  9. My biggest issue is older apple watches not getting the querty keyboard. Makes no sense for the 5,SE,6 models not to get it. Also the screen size especially on the bigger models not getting the feature makes no sense. There were apps that did this and now the best one is gone. I see no reason especially for the series 6 especially with them using the S6 chipset in the series 7 models.
    Also the display does not touch the frame of watch there is still a black bezel. I compared my friends S7 41 mm to my SE 44mm and the watch is to small to type on, and has a smaller screen.
    So the advertising for the series 7 seems more like a cash grab to me.
    Its a series 6 watch that has a little bit bigger screen, & allegedly the same S6 chip is faster.
    Things I noticed the speaker isn’t as loud, & the battery life is not any better.
    The things I hate about the apple watch os updates the inability to play music from the watch itself easily os8 pretty took that away. No web browser anymore? Needing to disconnect the watch from the iphone even if you have a celluar model, if your iphone is trying to connect to a wifi network your not connected to. Because you cant disconnect from the phone, from the watch anymore.
    I had a series 2 I never updated and it had web browser built in, I could play music from the watch, & the keyboard app I used to messages was in the app store an worked.
    Fast forward to OS 8 & getting a better watch. Those features are gone?

    I want apple to make there watch line more co-hesive with software. Why is a 2017 series 3 model being sold in 2022? It couldn’t at least be a 4? It would allow more longevity. The SE model should have more features for its price imo. & the screen size of the SE shouldnt exclude it from a basic needed feature. Thats only being locked by code.
    I love apple but lately the upgrades for things arent even upgrades.

    I know this part is unrelated. But I had to switch phone carriers right when the iphone 13 was coming out. I chose a 12 mini & just for reference the 13 mini is just a little bit better. Wow the notch is a bit smaller. Its a little bit faster, etc. No that line really needs to be called the 12S line.

    All I am saying is I am noticing apple doing the bare minimum getting so much praise, but I feel like I have had the same Iphone since ios 7. The features they keep taking are literally from the palm pre & pixi. I remember wireless charging coming out. 2010 I had it then for 5 years an iphone I didnt have it. They make it and you dont get a wireless charger with it like the palm pre line?
    Then all the new features like multitasking, open windows, etc all things a 2010 phone had. Its funny with the notch because palm did the same layout with wifi time and service on the top of the pixi to save room. So in some aspects I feel like my I-phone is turning into a palm phone lol. Especially the Reminders an calendar app. Just an observation & opinion. Let me know what you guys think? What hasnt changed?

  10. Put a case on your watch to make it look bigger, and to hide the non neutral color. But, midnight is pretty neutral. It’s basically black. With a very slight tinge of blue.

  11. Definitely not being too picky with the aluminium neutral colour options, or lack of should I say. That really annoyed me, I feel like they do it a lot with products just to get you to part with that extra bit of cash squeezing you dry. Bad ethics really they have enough money :/

  12. I got the 41mm it’s ok but the 45mm would fit me better idk if I’m going to pay 399 again for the 45mm face. Will I have to pay full price to get the 45mm?

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