40 thoughts on “Ashish Chanchlani Unboxing Oneplus 6 | Avengers Edition”

  1. I playing to game for pubg my mobile is damage for palying to game please give me a mobile not 1+ but new mobile not a 1+ please give me a mobile 📱🥺 i like you and you so funny 🤣 and video

  2. Sorry sir Ashish 123 you said sorry I didn't forwarded sorry I forgot that which I wrote in the mail please send a phones again and savouries se why you need the phone so you ask the questions on sirf because I am a big fan of you sir please send me the phone how you send the phone I don't know ok but I am a big fans of you said only file that I what I want only one se please please

  3. Hello my name is Akhil so why I need a phone because to not waste my money to get a new phone tanos What you set it was so nice video I love you every video what you say and what you speak I watch your every video de per thank you very much please the phone

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