@ashish chanchlani vines Explains DARK | Netflix India

Yeh Winden Winden kya hai?

Prasthuth karte hai: Ashish Chanchlani aur aapke saaaare prashnon ke jawaab!
DARK ka aakhri padhav abh dekhiye, sirf Netflix par.

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  1. Iɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅ,

    Lɪғᴇ ɪs ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏғ ᴍɪssᴇᴅ ᴏᴘᴘᴏʀᴛᴜɴɪᴛɪᴇs.

    My favorite line ❤❤
    From S2E2

  2. Someone please answer my questions 😩😭I'll be really grateful to you. In favour I'll also answer your questions 😎🤧 :
    In S1 E7 when 17:10 minutes are left for episode to end then in a conversation between Oldest Jana Nielson & Ulrich Nielson is going on (at the date November 9,2019) & Jana told Ulrich that she saw a man & a priest arguing outside her house in 1986 ( 1 week before Mads Nielson's disappearance), the priest was definitely Noah & that man was Helge Doppler then she said that she saw the same man(Helge) this morning in November 9, 2019 which means middle aged helge was there in 2019 till November 9. After this scene middle aged Helge doppler is seen to be going to bunker (most probably in 2019) to kill mads & leave him to be found on the morning of 5th November, 2019 so that Charlotte finds him on the next day morning after Mikkel disappears.
    My question is that what was middle aged Helge doing on November 9, 2019 because he already left mads nielson to be found on 5th November 2019 then what was he doing at November 9??

  3. "Bas woh baap tumhare girlfriend ka bhai na ho" Jonas's girlfriend is Martha and Martha's brother is Mikkel and Mikkel Is maichel and maichel Is father of jonas

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