ASMR Blue iPhone 12 Mini Unboxing & Setup (Whispered)

Im so excited to finally unbox the iPhone 12 mini in the color blue! I got the 128 gb. Its so beautiful and this is all done in a whisper 🙂

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21 thoughts on “ASMR Blue iPhone 12 Mini Unboxing & Setup (Whispered)”

  1. Nothing like unboxing a phone you love (or been waiting for) and seeing it for the first time. Wish I could do this every day. I got the iPhone 12 Mini in black (the blue is also really nice). Love it! Amazing device. 💙 📲

  2. Oh God!
    I had to literally mute the video, couldn't tolerate the hisses anymore. It's kind of ticklish and irritating on the ears.
    Just wanted to see the phone.

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