ASMR – iPhone 1 v iPhone 11 Pro Max | Layered Sounds 📱

Welcome back everyone! If you’re new here, thank you so much for being here! Today’s video is going to a mashup of ASMR and Tech. I’ll go through the specs of the iPhone 1 and the 11 Pro Max while finding out what kind of ASMR sounds I can make with them. Layered audio in this one! Please let me know in the comments if you liked this kind of genre mashup! I hope you find it relaxing, entertaining and informative. Again, thank you for being here! ENJOY!

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ASMR – iPhone 1 v iPhone 11 Max Pro | Layered Sounds

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  1. I fell asleep to this! Damn matty thats a huge plus from here imma watch youre videos everytime life hits too hard welp imma go back to sleep

  2. Correction: The iPhone was released in 2007, The iPhone 3 was released in 2008, the 3GS was released in 2009, the iPhone 4 was released in 2010, and so on.

  3. Or just get a samsung same phone every year no imagination look at samsung thinking outside the box and jesus the prices are retarded just get a samsung

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