ASMR iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing and Review 📱 – Tapping, Whispered

ASMR iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing!! I’ve never had more comments asking about a certain video ever and I love you all for that! It’s so cool to know you wanted this video because I’ve done one the last what, 4-5 years? After working at Apple for two years, it’s so fun to me to be able to unbox these and talk nerdy specs about them!

I made this video for YOU so I included tapping, whispering, box sounds, visual plastic ripping and lost of tech specs. I hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy and if you have tingle immunity, I hope this cures it! Thank you for being here as always!!!

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What is ASMR you ask?
ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. It is the tingling sensation that usually starts around your scalp and is followed by spreading to your back and limbs. It is largely used to help relax and sleep.

41 thoughts on “ASMR iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing and Review 📱 – Tapping, Whispered”

  1. Спасибо тебе за твои труды ! Мне нравится твой контент и твоя подача информации! 🥰🥰🥰 жаль только что телефон сломанный 😂😅

  2. You have to be kidding I wasn't going to mention anything Android but seriously? Highest brightness phone? at 1000nits? There are plethora of smartphones that go upto 1300-1700 nits peak! you should've said highest nits in an iPhone

  3. I’m an Android user and have been for a decade now (because I prefer and am a bit more comfortable by now with Android over iOS)….and I don’t care either. 🙂 I love iPhone unboxing videos. 😍 I enjoy watching them (much more than Android unboxings) and I’ll keep binge-watching them from my Android phones. 💖💖

  4. While I am an android guy, I was once an iphone user, and even though I've really only stuck with samsung (currently using the z fold3) I will always say this, iPhones are probably my favorite built line of smart phones. I like the premium look and feel they have to them. IOS is also very clean looking, if that makes sense. Something I havn't found on my android phones until the fold 3 and even still.

  5. you said that u didn't want any android user to compare the IPhone to Android, but you're also said a lot of untrue things like fastest processor, brightest screen and fastest gpu. that's just not true

  6. To be honest it's not a need caus it repairable or like you said it can still be used but i understand what you want to say and i would be the same. im the type of guy that care a bit to much about my phone and other's phone ,not suprising that i want to work in that😂.

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