ATC SCM25a Unboxing & 30-Day Overview

ATC SCM25a unboxing and my thoughts using them throughout 30 days, coming from Mackie HR824s. Spoiler Alert: I kept the ATCs!

Update 11.1.20: I added an Adam Sub 10 that really brought together the low end for me (just a tiny boost around 65hz).

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  1. What if you switch them to where the bigger woofer is closer to you? Does the manual say not to? Cause i would think that would make the lows more present.

  2. Wow.. Love to get a set of these. Checked out the song by Alecia Aichelle and it's great! Sounds incredible! I'd actually love to hear what her vocal chain was on this. I see a 1073, CL1B, and a Manley Ref but I'm curious if that's what you used? (Jesus that's what i'd use lol). Great video and great work amigo

  3. V helpful video , it does …. talk you into wanting / getting a pair. Can I ask you what do they sound like at low levels of listening ? I am on some PMC's now and they are ok for low levels ( neighbours !!! ) – in the UK these are so rare to find 2nd hand on ebay … which is a good thing – most spks turn up on ebay – theres a lot of PMC's ( the new range ) on ebay and that tells you one thing , people sold them on ( bad ) – whereas the total lack of ATC's mean … people stick with them , they are a forever purchase by the look of it , and has to make me wonder if people who drop the coin on the ATC's make some good $$$ , because if they did not they would be needing to resell them. They are never listed on ebay UK , still I will keep looking

  4. When we first got these in the Stu they seemed to lack bass (that’s a lie tho) if you have the space in your room push them back so you aren’t in a dip of the bass frequencies. These things bump in the best way. Plenty of bass w/no sub, top end is crips and the mids and stereo field are incredible. These speakers are what I’d consider “true to sound”

  5. I'm going back and forth between these and the Focal Trio 11 Bes. I already have the Focal Solo 6 Bes and they were a huge step up from my previous pair (Event ASP8s). I had these Focals for 6 years now and I think it's time to move to the next level. Any idea of how they would compare to the Trio 11s? As for bass, I'm not too concerned as I have a stereo pair of Hsu Research VTF 15H MK2s (they're capable of going to 16Hz @ over 110dB). Trust me, you can hear frequencies below 20Hz if the levels are high enough (the threshold of hearing for 20Hz is 75dB so it doesn't take much for these subs to allow you to hear 14Hz).

  6. OMG, I was going through youtube video and saw yours. Totally forgot I saw this before until your daughter came on again.
    Made me laugh all over again.
    I need that, I was having a bad week.
    Thank again. 😁😆😅😃

  7. Mackie Hr824’s had my pair for 14 years and then they died I understand how you feel Mackies hr’s outclass everything I have ever listened on or own I now own a pair of Kali IN 8V2 miss my Mackies so I understand your feeling the ATC 3 ways sounds great tho

  8. I've been eyeing those things for a while…well, actually the SCM45A. I'm using a couple Genelec 8040B and a 7350A sub now: they're pretty nice. The Genelec have a very similar frequency response to the 25a at about half the price so I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger.
    When I read the specs on the 25 vs 45, I'm perplexed as to why the 45 is $4,000.00 more, and the only difference is an extra 6.5" driver to get down to 45Hz instead of 47Hz. It just doesn't seem cost effective.
    I also use some NS-10 just because they're a cool piece of history.
    Here's another thing to think about…we all do our best mix and then run out to the car or other cheap sound system for a listen. So, instead of spending $13,000.00 on a set of studio monitors, why not just duct tape a couple of old 6×9 car speakers to a piece of plywood and make that sound as good as possible.
    When some guy jumps in his 1982 Ford F150, that's what he's going to be hearing.
    Sure would be a whooooooole lot cheaper. 😉

  9. I bought the 25a's about 8 months ago ( have the Avantones as well 👍). What's really interesting was that my ears did get tired at higher volumes when listening to really bright rock mixes like Van Halen or Pantera. I was worried at first that I chose the wrong speakers, but after a few months of breaking in, that isn't an issue anymore. The midrange and the stereo field on these speakers is unbelievable. I hear reverb that I've never heard. On certain classical pieces if I close my eyes it gets REALLY close to feeling like your in front of the orchestra. I'm quite happy with the bass. Unless you're doing rap or hip hop and you need the room to shake, can't see why they wouldn't work for most. Really happy with them, would highly recommend.

  10. Big upgrade from Mackie. 24 hour burn in? Never done burn ins. Assuming transducer settles over time anyway. Thinking of upgrading to Amphion One18 – Amp700 combo. Decisions.

  11. Tube tech EQ how do you find that, its a pultek replica?
    The bass is because they have less ringing in the lower frequencies below 50 Hz and are flat. Put them on stands and move them back a bit will help. placement doesn't look correct to your setting position should be further apart

  12. One last thing. I think you have your monitors backwards. Back in the day, we had the tweeters on the inside, but nowadays everyone is doing the mid-side thing and placing the tweeters on the outside. You might want to try that out. Might help your problem with bottom end. FWIW. Personally, I have a thing for 12" three-ways. I'd also move them out sideways a bit and off the desk. Open the sound-stage a bit more. But that's just me.

  13. Yeah, you can hear the Mackies have the old JBL smiley face. Just buy a sub-woofer to give you that little bit you're missing in the bottom. Just a touch.

  14. It looks like your video monitors need to be moved back out of the way of the ATCs. It looks like the edges of the video monitors are interrupting the ATC high end. FWIW.

  15. Lol, I just went on Amazon & bought that "Here For It" tune & I'ma a black HipHop/R&B guy. Now if I could only impulse buy the ATCs….

  16. Was thinking that monitors that cost imopressive 8-9000 $ should be able to sound impressive not only on midrange(primerly here) and you do not need to compare most of the time with other speakers, aspecialy as they advertise them(ATC in general) like the best speakers*, but aparrently not, as everything in life has + and -, everything else that's *perfect is a lie to yourself and then to someone else… thanks for vid!

  17. I Notice you have two converters in your chain. Are you using the MOTU as your DA to mix with or the Apogee? The modern MOTU stuff got some great sounding converters as I have the 828ES part of the AVB line. They share the same ESS Sabre DAC found in the modern Apogee products. I use to own the Apogee Quartet and directly compared it to the 828ES and was it surprisingly very close sonically. The MOTU AVB pro interfaces also have a digital patch bay built into the interface with matrix routing eliminating the need of a patch bay was is really cool. keeps everything more cleaner.

  18. you need the sub the mid range is so flat the bass driver is just not big enough with the power they have i have genellec 1038s with a 15inc driver BOOM!

  19. Great tip about ear plugs with sonar works. I don’t know how they failed to mention that in their instructions. Holy moly it’s loud.

  20. Dude I feel where you're coming from, I love my MBP but i'm daisy chaining it with the 2bus+ & the BAX EQ and it's awesome. I would love to hear how you feel about the curvebender. I'm debating between the curvbender or the gml 8200. Love the videos.

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