Back Market Rip-Off?! Used iPhone Review 🧜🏻‍♂️
Back Market Website Review and Unboxing of a Used iPhone SE (Gen 1).

00:00 Back Market Website
01:04 Unboxing
02:57 Used iPhone SE
04:09 Damage
05:03 Locked or Unlocked?
05:29 Battery Health
07:57 Final Thoughts

I love my new iPhone from Back Market!
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15 thoughts on “Back Market Rip-Off?! Used iPhone Review 🧜🏻‍♂️”

  1. I love the "I'm so masculine – why would I get a rose gold phone?" joke – cute! I'm am expecting an iphone from Back Market as we speak. It's terrific that there is a market for used electronics. The more that we are able to keep out of landfills – the better.

  2. They shouldn’t say the phone is refurbished if they literally didn’t replace a thing. It’s more of a used device that was checked to make sure it works. Smh.

  3. Wow! Great content. Im city considering buying a pixel 4xl from them. Just waiting for the new pixel to come out then maybe price will reduce

  4. I’m getting ready to replace my old iPhone with this phone from backmarket. My current iPhone 7 is cracked pretty badly so I’m in the market for a new phone. Wish me luck.

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