38 thoughts on “Backbone One Game Controller for iPhone Review”

  1. Can you download games to the system or the phone? Cuz I live in NYC, so I travel by train. No service underground. I need all my music and movies on my phone, not offline.

  2. Can I just say that you have the most honest reviews in the game , keep doing what you do Lon! These are great! I always check to see if you made a review on something that I’m ordering turns out you always usually do.

  3. Considering getting one of these for my iphone solely for xcloud gaming. I know with ios that xcloud doesn’t have an app and it has to get ran through safari. Is the latency low enough on this controller where you could play halo 5 or mce comfortably? If anyone that has used their backbone for this type of game is kind enough to share their review of it with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. I'd been thinking about getting a Backbone One for my iPhone as well as a used PSP, but in the end just decided to get an Odin Pro even though it's Android instead of iOS.

  5. Literally bought an iphone 12 pro max just for this. It’s sole purpose is to be used with the backbone only. Didnt even add a phone line to it. No case is no problem for me as it has now become my “nintendo switch”. Love it so much! I remote play from my PS5 and Series X

  6. Just got Backbone today. Build quality is excellent the app is great but the thumbsticks have a toy like feeling. Travel distance is minimal, they are tiny and kinda uncomfortable tbh with their convex design. Iam gonna stick with the Kishi, no headphone jack, but the sticks are very close to actual console

  7. I'm thinking this would make a good gift for a casual mobile gamer in the family, but that price is a tough pill to swallow as a casual gift.

  8. Can’t use a phone case is a deal breaker for me. Also the fact it is only a lightning port means if next gen phones are usb-c you’ll need to “upgrade”.
    Stinks cause I wouldn’t mind having it for my phone or iPad.

  9. Low latency is great, but if you want to emulate DS games (And maybe even 3DS) a bluetooth one where you can put your phone vertical, is ideal. Although with iOS, IDK how easy it is to get emulators up and running.

  10. This is honestly a good controller but it’s way too overpriced considering that the PS5 controller which more technologically advanced mind you only costs $70!!

  11. Have had mine since February. It’s such a good controller. I beat Celeste on Stadia with it. I even in home streamed fighting games like melee and rush down revolt. The latency feels the same as an Xbox controller.

  12. Thanks for you review/thoughts on the backbone I had thought about the controller several times myself just didn’t pull the trigger the not working with a case gets me. I work for Verizon and sell phones have seen too many broken devices to not use a case

  13. Outside of the Razer Kashi this is the best controller for iOS. The app for Razer to me is completely useless, Backbone atlease helps you find games that work with it.

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