Before you upgrade to iPhone 13…

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The iPhone 13 Apple Event is here and there’s a lot to unpack.

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26 thoughts on “Before you upgrade to iPhone 13…”

  1. Will someone please tell me where to find that table behind Austin? My girl wants something just like it but I honestly can't find anything like it anywhere

  2. Why does Apple name some of their features dumb names like "ProMotion", that's just another feature that Android phones have had for way longer than iPhones!

  3. User Experience matters. Talk about it and stop ignoring it. iPhone 13 Mini is the only no compromise phone on the market. Stop treating it like a budget device. You tech reviewers are the reason for its poor sales. Period.

  4. I got the 13 pro max only because my carrier offered a trade in on my iPhone 12 where I only had to pay $100 for the upgrade. Even at that price I had to think about it though. I think if I had a 12 pro max I would have just stuck with that though.

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