Best iPhone Accessories for Video for Every Budget

Omar breaks down the best Vlogging Setup for iPhones. ****** Watch our “$100 YouTube Studio Setup” Video HERE ➡️

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ Rode VideoMic Vlogger Kit for iPhone (Amazon)

2️⃣ ULANZI Smartphone Vlogging Kit with Adjustable Handle Grip (Amazon)

3️⃣ 40 Inch Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote (Amazon)

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In this video Omar from Think Media shows you the best cheap vlogging setups for iPhones. These Mobile phone vlogging kits have the best accessories for vlogging on your phone.

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43 thoughts on “Best iPhone Accessories for Video for Every Budget”

  1. Ok so completely unrelated to the topic of the video but I’m deaf and wear hearing aids, and 3:27 the part with the loud background noise and you can hear the microphone cutting out, that’s a pretty close representation to what it’s like when I’m trying to hear someone in a really noisy place, not exact but close. Thought thought I’d share cuz I’ve never really been able to explain it well 🙂

  2. would u suggest using the cellphones internal mic for even an interview setting? Like if im walking around talking to someone? im worried about capturing audio behind and in front of the camera

  3. I've never seen a Think Media with you in it but I think you should record ALL OF THEM! IMO, you're way more personable and relatable. Although you do say "clutch" a lot, lol. 😆

  4. Thanks Omar! I am a newbie. I watched this video twice. I like the #2 set and going to place an order. Love most Think Media’s video contents. Please keep up. 🙏

  5. Dope! Very informative video thank you! I'd legit buy both of the cheaper options to have in my kit. Rode needs to step it up and take a leaf outta their books. As an "industry leader" with their price points and kit quality, they should equally have those basic features like, extendability (which is super key) and a Bluetooth controller. COME ON RODE! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

  6. ok my friend first of all you coneccted your rødemicro to mobile using conector it is just not working like that . you got very bad noise isulatiion becuse the røde was not coneccted to your phone. that conecctor is just simply not working you shell chick it. anyway thats for your efforts. keep it up.

  7. I am commenting about halfway through the video but if you are going to be doing a talking head video mostly the Rode mic is definitely worth it's definitely I can tell a big difference!

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