BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5: Comparison Review of Price, Specs & Features

BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5: Review of Price, Specs & Features. We put the brand new BlackBerry 10 up against the all-powerful iPhone 5 to see how each compare. BlackBerry vs Apple, BB10 vs iOS6, Z10 vs iPhone 5.

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46 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5: Comparison Review of Price, Specs & Features”

  1. The build quality of the Blackberry Z10 isn't bad, it comprises of high-quality durable plastic and metal and I would prefer the Z10 to the IPhone for its faster processing, expandable storage, awesome keyboard, productive OS, screen, removeable battery and nice simple, yet durable and study design to it.
    Just my own opinion.

  2. Какую классную, универсальную подставку Вы используете. Подскажите, кто производитель подставки и модель. Спасибо.

  3. Tricky to master BB OS10? Might take a day, possibly two… after that, every iPhone you pick (or any touchscreen for that matter) you'll be "swiping up" to move between apps… Like I do now every day I pick my GFs phone. You have to spend more time with a brand new OS than the time it takes to compare these two in your hands. iPhone OS is fine, but the BB's new offering is just plain awesome in comparison.

  4. Seriously who cares if these reviewers ate biased it not. If you're happy with your purchase of the blackberry then be content. You don't need tech blog reviewers to validate your purchase. Most people sound so childish when they say apple sucks or black berry sucks. Just live with your choice of device. It's just phones we're talking about here.

  5. What? The Blackberry camera lacking in features? Ok, the Blackberry camera doesn't have many features, but neither does that shitty iPhone. My Droid DNA has Panorama, Group Portrait, HDR, Slow motion video, Fast motion video, Burst shot, Time lapse, Post photo editing, you name it. Android is miles ahead of both of these OS's, and Android 5.0 isn't even out yet. Not to mention I've got a quad core with 2gb ram and a 1080p screen. Have fun with your piece of shit iPhone.

  6. Why does every reviewer say the z10 is all plastic? The phone is all aluminum and glass except the battery cover. Pick it up in the cold and feel it for cryin' out loud. Being bias is always wrong, and I'm an Android fan.

  7. The blackberry CEO recently said the iPhone is outdated. I am sticking with my iPhone and along with all other Apple products because they are innovative and packed with quality. All the other products like the Samsung Galaxy and the Blackberry Z10 are cheap copies of the iPhone.

  8. Blackberry z10 has the best virtual on screen keyboard in the world, the best messanger in the world and the fastest phone internet in the world, how can you make it lose against the iphone witch only feature better than the z10 is siri

  9. Hate it when people are so stubborn… This is what is going on in apple fan's heads::: GO APPLE YEAH!!!!! APPLE IS AWESOME, NOKIA,WINDOWS,SAMSUNG AND BLACKBERRY SUCK APPLE IS GOD FUCK THE WORLD

  10. stated a comment that Blackberry z10 is in plastic and iPhone is metal have been showing partiality when giving first look also amused as how you people call yourself tech-radar..funny ..huh…did u told the auidence as why z10 comes in plastic…because it has NFC…and i am sure you must not be aware that NFC cannot work in metal also didnt showed video calling feature in bbm, you didnt showed screen share feature and lot more..come on guys stop being one sided

  11. Why do reviews complain about the different jestures, I went from an iPhone to an Android, I had to learn a new set of jestures. If a consumer has a problem learning 4 moves on the screen to navigate, maybe they should stay away from Smartphones all together

  12. You have to admit blackberry has the best messaging on the market, without needing a phone number to give, but apple has more support since they reinvented how people saw app stores on phones. So it comes done to BBM vs. Applications, which will eventually come to blackberry with growing popularity.

  13. Whenever it comes to saying something where Z10 is better at something you just have to make up some "but", "still", "unnatural" and so on! Wherever Apple is better then comes words like "mighty", "premium", "familiar", "8 hundred thousand apps" (I guess you have purchased over a thousand of them at least???)…

    To be honest, I'm not a Blackberry fan, but if anyone FAIRLY judges this video and any other comparison video with iPhone or iPads in this channel, would notice a clear smell of favour.

  14. BLACKBERRY Z10 WIN, tiene mejor todo, tanto procesador, como cámara, El sistema operativo por gestos es impresionante, y cabe destacar los secretos que tiene este nuevo OS10 de verdad me voy por Blackberry, a demas, tiene el mejor mensajero del mundo como lo es el BBM y la integración del correo electrónico. Apple da sueño con su mismo sistema.

  15. Congratulations! ! This is one of the most unbiased reviews I've seen on Youtube. All the reviews seem to show the superior Blackberry specs but tell you that iPhone 5 is still better.

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