Can iphone 13 Pro replace my 5 Lakh professional camera ? | iphone 13 Pro unboxing and first look |

I just got my hands on the Brand new Iphone 13 pro and Iphone 13 Pro Max and I wanted to share with you my first impression on the brand new Iphones. the biggest question I addressed in the video is “Can the Iphone 13 pro replace a professional camera. I will also upload a full review of the Iphone 13 pro max in Hindi in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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Hardisk 2 for editing – Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD :
Hardisk for storage – WD My Passport 5TB :
Memory Card – Sandisk Extreme Pro :

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  1. yes, we need the tech videos from you, it will help us to improve skills also .. you should also teach videos Editing making .. you should do something which can help ppl. hope you will consider it

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