Don’t buy 2nd hand phones in Nepal Before watching this video |mi,vivo,oppo,iPhone |Tips and tricks

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Buying second hand phone in Nepal | tips before buying second hand iPhone|2020

TestM link for iPhone :

Test m for Android :

In nepal trend of buying second hand phones is increasing day by day. people are interested in buying second hand phones than Brand New phones. Nepali people are enjoying with 2nd hand phones because they are cheap and have nice specifications. In the same time some Nepali are sad with 2nd hand phones because they are being scammed by using hamrobazar app . scammer normally repairs the old phones and gives new price tag so that people’s can trust easily and I this way people are losing money More than cost of brand new phone.
In this video I am going to share some tips and tricks to check before buying second hand phones and iPhone so that you can get great smart phone ♥️🇳🇵 .
video chapter
0:00 Introduction
1:11 About Testm
2:21 about quick test and full test
4:31 about secret codes
5:11 oppo and vivo codes
5:41 how to check battery health

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  1. ma sanga redmi 9 pro cha jun 1 year huna 3month jati baki phon full new ra fresh cha…ma xchang redmi 10 sanga garna chahan chu kati price thanu parla

  2. तेरो आइडिया ले म आफ्नै मोबाईल चेक गरेको बिग्रियो नी मुकी जाथा

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