DON'T UPGRADE! iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro: Camera Test Comparison

I’m disappointed with the mediocre camera “improvements” this year from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro. In my opinion it’s not worth upgrading to the 12 Pro. However, the standard 12, Mini and Max might be different, we’ll see. The differences in camera specs/features are so nominal, even the 11 Pro looks better in some shots.

📸 Behind the scenes:

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0:00 Front facing video w/ audio samples (Dolby Vision HDR)
2:30 Front photos & portrait mode
2:55 Rear photos
4:13 Low light photos
4:52 Rear 4K video
6:02 Slow motion
6:23 Hyperlapse/time-lapse
6:36 Auto focus
7:09 Low light video
7:44 MagSafe
8:09 Conclusion

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22 thoughts on “DON'T UPGRADE! iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro: Camera Test Comparison”

  1. Oh, and 5G is such a marketing term right now, just watch MKB's video if you don't believe me. It sucks battery life, spotty and rare coverage, don't fall for the gimmick – it's gonna take a while for sufficient rollout.

  2. The dynamic range on 12 pro video is far better than 11 pro. Looking at the sky and the details on the clouds, it's pretty clear it's a huge improvement. How could you say that the improvement is minor? So much details in the clouds and 11 pro really washed out, any blogger would prefer the 12 pro video without a doubt. The difference is not subtle, it's huge as 11 pro completely blows out the background, it's all washed out while 12 pro has it controlled and very detailed. It's not even about more or less details, it's about the cloud is clearly present on one and cloud is non existent on one.

  3. Why People consider mobile phone cameras still…They are not worth as Professional DSLR camera..even iPhone 13

  4. Can you please help me ? There is 2 phones for sale now. Iphone 11 pro 256 gb for $945 & IPhone 12 pro 128 gb for $958 ? I can’t decide. I first wanted 11 pro but for a better price but can’t seem to find at a better price. Thank you in advance

  5. I have 12 pro max and photos are best I’ve had including 11 pro max, low light is very good, also in my country we have 5G but only mmWave and on speed test i get between 600 and 900 MB a second which is very fast, this phone is so good in many ways no foreseeable upgrades needed for long time now.

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