Galaxy S10+ One Week Review – True iPhone Killer?

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It has been about one week with the #SamsungGalaxys10plus and ive got some stuff to say! Is it an iPhone killer? Tough to say, phones these days are so good that it really boils down to personal preference .. Do you want a super fast phone capable of whatever you want? or do you want an iphone. the choice is yours, my children.

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25 thoughts on “Galaxy S10+ One Week Review – True iPhone Killer?”

  1. I am using samsung galaxy note 9 for 3 years.. he didn't even flinch still super fast♥️♥️🔥. But software updation is a problem 😑😑 stuck in Android 10 even for a 3 year old flagship at the same time Apple is giving 5year+ update.

  2. youtube suggested me this video yesterday, so I went to the Samsung showroom and experienced the galaxy s21 ultra finally, i'm switched to Samsung today. I'm an Apple fanboy since the iPhone 4 came out. BTW S21 is expensive too. I gifted my iPhone 12 pro to my mother cuz today is Mother's day.

  3. Late but welcome to Android! Try Yandex launcher! It's amazing for organization and has little amazing things like you can search your apps by COLOR!

  4. Double click ram icon to return to previous app.. Samsung is the best I am on a S20 ULTRA 500GB 16 GB Ram Qualcomm Version… My friend just bought the Note 20 Ultra yesterday because I told him he has to pay for more surcharges than value of the Iphone.. lol what a scam

  5. Welcome to the dark Side. I have been using Samsung even before smart phones existed so I have just stuck with what I know. However, I never have been tempted to get an iPhone as I have never felt I have been missing out with a Samsung and I pay way less money. I am using the S10. I use it a lot for streaming and the picture quality is just amazing for watching catch up TV and streaming services like BritBox (I am British). I feel people get iPhones as a fashion statement than because they prefer them. I wonder how many others will join you

  6. I did not know you had to pay extra for you to when you were an Apple user. I have an iPad mini and it is free but I have a galaxy phone so I just assumed you tubers free regardless of what you used. Why don’t I have a favorite on my iPad mini? I like the mini although it is the crazy Apple icons everywhere but I like the size.

  7. I Annesely think that peoples brains function differently and some more like android phones and someone like iPhones. I do not like all of my apps staring me in the face is confusing and so disorganized. The first thing I do when I get my new android phone and yes it is a galaxy is white the screen clean and make my home screen with little groups what is named every day apps and I tap it when I want to use the ones I usually use and less frequent ones I use are on the homepage but I do not clutter it I do not like clutter! I create a new screen when I want to use the ones that I don’t use daily.

  8. iPhone users when I explain multitasking to them:
    wE DoNt nEed tHat, wHaTs thE pOiNt?
    Also iPhone users when it comes out on iPhones:
    * Uses it every fricking day *

  9. You can use the picture on picture mode on any video you watch on Chrome too. Plus you can use split screen so you're basically using three applications all at once.

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