Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max: Spec Comparison

How does Samsung’s shiny new Galaxy phone stack up against Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone? We break down the specs and put these two phones head to head.

You can see the products featured in this video here πŸ‘‡
Galaxy S22 Ultra:
iPhone 13 Pro Max
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46 thoughts on “Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max: Spec Comparison”

  1. Not including how fast the phone's charge which is probably the most important thing

    the iPhone takes 1 hour and 50 minutes roughly… where the Galaxy takes roughly 1 hour ish….

  2. One reason I got a Note20 Ultra was because the extra storage, why they took that away is beyond me. The Micro SD slot was great and I will not be upgrading from that reason. Plus the screen size is smaller. I have a 6’9 inch screen. Better then what the latest S22 Ultra is offering. My Note20 Ultra is better.

  3. I was an Apple iPhone user from the early days when one had to wait many seconds for a page to come up when web browsing to the days where it functioned as one hoped. I later moved to Samsung because Apple continued to be not let us have enough control over our screens and in my case that meant having to put my glasses on every time I wanted to see the phone. When I got the Samsung, within an hour, I was able to set the size of the text and icons and have the screens the way I wanted. I have to say the Samsung experience was pretty darn good for the most part. However, I did miss the facet of lack of integration with my other items (iPad/Macs) and it really does go a long way. If Samsung could find a way to better integrate with Apple's eco system, I think they would get easily more converts. S22 line up looks amazing (save for the lack of card storage).

  4. Samsung should have just Picked mediatek Dimensity 9000 for the S22 lineup instead of the SD 8 Gen 1. The Dimensity 9000 isn't as powerful as A15 Bionic but it's way more efficient than SD 8 Gen 1. And it Doesn't overheat that much compared to SD 8 Gen 1.

  5. I have a cracked screen one plus 8 Pro.

    Thinking to switch, should I go Ultra or IP13PROMAX?

    My initial thought is, S22+ might be just right

  6. Very nice review – BUT – nothing of a speedtest using 5g. I heard an intro saying s22 the new Samsung 5g only phone. Did I miss understand that- is it 5g only and can't drop to 4g when it can't fine, as I can't find, that elusive 5g signal. ESPECIALLY that c-band wiz bang speedy band that covers further than the mmwave, and so much faster than the 5g that is as slow as 4g. I have a note20ultra, specs show 5g and 5g plus. But AT&T and Verizon pulled a fast one. The 5g plus couldn't reach out if a stadium so they bought different frequencies to reach further, called it c-band, s21 versions can use it, note20 ultra can't. Sooo, with all that wording – I'd only upgrade for the iffy c-band, that claims to be faster, IF anyone can find it and speedtest. Whew. I'm done.. when anyone gets there s22 whatever, maybe post some 5g speeds and your carrier.

  7. truly for the price of an iphone you can get an actual useful and superior phone. since 2008 Iphone has sold only on hype alone, but its objectivly subpar to whats avalable on the highend side of andorid (samsung for exampel).

  8. Idiot youtubers complain that camera bump is horrendously large. Samsung takes away the camera bump. Idiot youtubers now complain the camera array looks horrendously unfinished. If apple did this idiot youtubers will cumgargle the design as brilliant.

  9. None! I'll wait for this year's insane iPhone 14 Pro Max, like everyone else with common sense. πŸ’°πŸ˜ο£ΏπŸŽ€

  10. Here is my honest review of both! I have ALWAYS owned Galaxy phones, since their start. And was a true iPhone hater, I honestly didn't think it had a leg to stand on next to the Galaxy S series. HOWEVER, I reluctantly made the switch along with my husband, sister and son to the iPhone 13 pro max and I DO NOT REGRET IT! I have been using this phone less then a week but the display is way better, the build feels more solid and better quality and it is much more touch fluid. The camera comparison is close but iPhones camera and video really does succeed the Galaxy s22, especially the s21…don't be fooled by the specs listed because they do not always matter if the phone is not powerful enough to utilize them well, iPhone camera and video is better (I have always liked that aspect more on iPhone). The battery life is incredible, after using it a full day, come 8pm I still have around 70% or better battery life. The iPhone 13 pro max does everything the Galaxy S series can do, a little differently and takes some getting used too, but I don't think after using it now that I would go back to an android. iPhone has really made a believer out of this forever Galaxy girl. First time that I don't regret making a change. Im very happy I finally gave iPhone a try πŸ™‚

  11. Samsung for the win. Just pre-ordered my S22 with 512gb 2 days ago. IMO the majority of the people who buy Apple do so because they think it represents status (lol). I've had pretty much every Note model that has ever been out so I am thrilled to basically have another one in the S22. You guys can have your iPhones.

  12. How do people in good faith compare these 2 phones? She should be comparing iPhone to the s22 or s22+. Ultra is in its own league. No comparison here

  13. Had been Samsung fan for years and having the iPhone 13 pro max for 3 month I can say is really a good phone but I really do miss some features from google OS but not gonna lie iPhone 13 pro max is a flex breaking necks when people see latest and greatest. Im the flying dutch man.

  14. I am firmly rooted in the apple ecosystem however this is the first phone that is making me reconsider the swap.

  15. I pre-ordered the S22 Ultra 256gb with 12gb of Ram. I love my Samsung products. The only real way I'd ever consider an iPhone, is they get rid of the notch, switch to USB-C, maybe a redesign, and allow a little bit more freedom in the software as most of it is locked up pretty good, especially simple things like moving apps in different locations like how you can do it as a grid on Android. Not a fan of jailbreaking a going through lips to get features you can get out of the box on a stock android.

  16. The S22 Ultra has a larger, brighter, higher resolution display with a pinhole instead of a huge notch so you get even more pixels and refresh down to 1Hz for power saving. In display fingerprint scanner so you don't need to use your face. 4 rear cameras one being 108 MP, more zoom, 40 MP selfie (only 12 MP on Apple) and 8K video recording. 8-12GB of RAM (6GB Apple). A larger battery with faster charging that uses the standard USB-C port. S Pen features. 256GB model is the same price as Apple 256GB model (don't know why you'd opt for 128GB and less RAM for the same price). 512GB model is $100 cheaper than Apple's. 1TB model same price. Plus Samsung gives $250 credit for accessories, 6m SiriusXM, 4m Youtube Premium, and 3m Spotify Premium included making the S22 Ultra a better deal across the board.

    Every reviewer: "ThEy SeEm EvEnLy MaTcHeD wItH mAyBe ThE iPhone AhEaD bY a BiT" πŸ™„

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