Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. S21 Ultra spec comparison

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has landed and if you’re following the Galaxy lineup, you might be wondering what’s different between it and last year’s S21 Ultra. Let’s dive in to see what’s new.

You can see the products featured in this video here 👇
S22 Ultra:
S21 Ultra:
S Pen Pro:
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50 thoughts on “Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. S21 Ultra spec comparison”

  1. The pro camera features you mention are already on the s21 ultra. Go to camera and when switching between video and photo, go to "more".

    I just got the s22 ultra delivered tonight and it's very similar feeling to the s21 ultra I'm replacing. I greatly prefer the squared off corners, the fingerprint scanner works better, I love the pen garage and pen button features, faster processor, more storage, less lens flare on the camera, etc. I got it for $700 with the trade in of my old phone, and I got a wireless charger, the 45 watt charger, and Galaxy Buds Pro for free. So $280+ in extras for free.

  2. I couldn't get a s21 ultra but I just ordered the 22ultra ! So excited coming from a regular s20 and I've never had an s pen

  3. Why the region? Why the ounces? Just review the phone going to the place your accent comes from. Let some yank review what they get and stop wasting half of everyones time

  4. Ya just like everyone said i don't see a point of upgrading from my Samsung galaxy j4+ since its the same thing yeah yeah agreed. (This a joke).

  5. I'll be keeping my s21 ultra for another year befor waisiting money iv bought the last 3 phones back to back and it is alot better from the 1 to the second but now I'm seeing there honestly the same and I would be stupid to waist money I want a s21 not a note I'm good on the pen

  6. Just got done Ordering the S22 ultraa, I recommend taking advantage of the "trade in" offer if you have an account with Verizon. from S21 Ultraa to the S22 Ultra. Tbh I'll miss the the curves buh I'm ready for change

  7. I have at&t next up in my plan and my s21 ultra is paid off so I figured why not get the s22 ultra?? I pre-ordered and get it delivered on the 25th. I also already ordered a waterproof case (spider case on Amazon) which I also used with my s21 ultra to keep it looking as good as the day I got it for when it's time to trade in. The way I see it after coming from metro pcs and only ever using $200 metro phones it's nice to have the latest and greatest! Like I said I'm part of the next up and get $800 off with trade and the remainder only adds $14 to my bill so why not?

  8. I love that Samsung combined the Note/S series together. I hated seeing them release like 10+ phones a year. They need to strictly focus on their S series and Foldable series.

  9. Specs great but the name just confusing the whole world !!! Why killing the NOTE name ??? Its better to kill the S series instead since the … body is very NOTE aesthetics ?!? I donnu what … running in Samsung exec. head ?!?

  10. I will still stick to my S21 Ultra for a couple of years to come I don’t see much of a difference anyway and also Samsung needs to go back to flat screen since it’s incredibly hard to find a tempered glass for curved screens. Thanks for the review.

  11. How did you get it already? I just pre ordered mine and it won't be here until February 15th. I have the s21 ultra 5g and it's the BEST phone I've ever had. I'm hoping the s22 ultra 5g has more features than the s21. Either way, I'm a Samsung fan, so i know it's coming out better than any iPhone

  12. Great job. I'm about to upgrade and needed to know the difference between the two phones. Love it . I'm a Samsung guy so S22 Ultra here i come !🤩😉

  13. Every new release is not an upgrade…case in point. Glad I picked up my S21 Ultra a few weeks back since it will be more difficult to find with the release of the S22 Ultra.

  14. Samsung: We give you the Note, I mean S22 Ultra.
    Android Users: It’s like the S21 Ultra with a built-in S Pen.
    Samsung: These suckers completely fell for the rebranded Note that tanked every year. 😂

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