Galaxy S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Test: Better or WORSE?

Here is the first part of my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review. I thought the Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra comparison was fitting since people want to know if you need to upgrade or not. Does the Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera beat the Galaxy S21 Ultra or should you save your money?

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0:00 Intro and Unboxing
2:34 Device Comparison
5:54 Daytime Photo and Video Comparison
11:36 Low Light Photo and Video Comparison

38 thoughts on “Galaxy S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Test: Better or WORSE?”

  1. I definitely prefer photos with more contrast by default. Dip photos are just better. That's why I find iPhone's settings worse against some other phones including S22 Ultra. "Flat" is a no-no imho.

  2. Issue is, you're only ever going to be able to tell the difference in a side by side. The differences are so negligible when you break them down. Even the intricacies, you dont even need them clearer! It's only until you show 'what is possible' that you know its actually there… Not how the human brain works and the reason magicians have jobs.

  3. Hmmm, I'm happy with my S21 Ultra!

    ..walks out of Samsung with a S22 Ultra.. Wah… how that happened?

    Is EXACTLY what will happen 😮‍💨

  4. Oh my, I’m not sure if this is my first time watching a video from you but you’re almost perfect with giving us true comparisons… just wow. Great video.

    Btw, I know you’re married and so am I but just wanna say you are very handsome. 🥰

  5. I can't support Samsung's continued gimping of their phones. Every year they continue to remove features. Taking away the 2k screen from the base S21 to a 1080P. Removing the headphone jack. Removing the Expandable Memory. Reducing RAM in the S22 line. Taking away a charging brick in the box. Removing headphones from the box. It's just a continued Removing of value from their phones.

  6. I can't wait to get my S22 Ultra!! I pre-ordered the Samsung Exclusive Red 1TB. I am currently using the Note 10+ since it came out. 2.5 years later and it is still working great. I am still excited about getting the new phone. Awesome video!! I love what you did here. Thank you 🙂

  7. Oh, was wondering how hard would it have been to just call it the S22 Note? Seriously- "S" and "Note" and everyone would have been happy and still maintain equal brand recognition.

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