Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13 Pro – Who Has The Best RAW?

A lot of you asked for me to shoot Samsung Expert RAW and compare it to Apple Pro Raw. So Let’s see who has the best computational Raw. What do you guys think?

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37 thoughts on “Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 13 Pro – Who Has The Best RAW?”

  1. Hi. Am a non professional in photography. Need a camera that gives best photos straight out of camera.
    Which oneshould i go for? Iphone 13 vs s22 vs pixel 6pro. Kindly suggest.

  2. The colors in the s22 is lookin more saturated because the s22 profile color is set to vivid out of the box so change it to natural before shooting, trust me it's a big difference

  3. The delay would be the 16bit processing which I don't think the iPhone can do, rather have more detail and not worry about the delay

  4. Samsung is the best smartphone in the world, intelligent, is amazing galaxy s22, iPhone is so basic and ugly 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  5. Great video, I wonder I even liked it more because I am sure an android user and also s22 lol. Besides this video is no bullshit and spot on. I appreciate your work.

  6. That app did not do anything to make photos better…. owerall photos on s22 u suck and no app can fix it… sorry samsung but for that price photos and videos should be much , MUCH better. I am sorry i bought s22U… I am keeping it only because of video pro mode …all else suck, BIG TIME!

  7. Expert raw on Samsung is good, but its so slow and has only 2 shot buffer, its unusable for a portrait photoshoot, on top of that iphone has a depth map build in, so apps like focos can make a grate use of it. You can manually make very nice front and back bokeh, where's on samsung only simple bg blur is possible. On top of that, apple pro raw is instan and basically ready to post, samsung isnt, you have to do some post processing. Sorry, but Samsung can't compete, its software is like 2 gens behind.

  8. The S22 pics look gorgeous! Especially after you've edited both RAWs. It's pretty ridiculous. For some reason my S22 Ultra doesn't seem to produce this level of detail on the 3x. Can you please do a comparison between the RAW of the S22 and S22U? I feel like the cheaper S22 has somehow gotten the better camera set up.

  9. Please someone help. If I want to get some photos printed, am I right in thinking that the photos will be less pixelated when ordering photos done with a higher megapixel camera? I have an iPhone 11 Pro and the photos I ordered look pixelated and not very sharp. I hope this makes sense. Thank you.

  10. None of those camera's apps are great for taking out the best editing in raw. They have compressed color profile, so you will miss plenty of color precision and you will have problem to custom denoise chroma noise (it's already killed by pre-processing of those containers) or to create proper dcp profile to use in. Both pro-raw and expert raw are linear processed dng container profiles, totally useless if you are searching a pure raw experience. On both apple and android you can use alternate camera apps to have native non processed raw, but only on android you can have multiframed NON processed raws, not on apple right now where you are stuck with pro-raw processed stacking and his processing. On android the best way is to use a custom modded gcam that you can mod with custom shutter speed and custom number of frames to use depends by the scenes you are shooting at) or photon camera that works in a similar way. I am shocked that the pro guy in the video not even seems to care about the HUGE color compression problem that literally delete every proper shades in skintones of the girl, or even lips. The files looks abnormally processed with something like oversharpen typical of those 2 processed container (blasfemy for a raw guy like me).

  11. Well it is obvious that the S22 is sharper, due to the 50MP sensor, but as for the colours and the image itself i prefer the iPhone, although these are incredible levels of mobile photography. We got to an insane level of potential on the flagship smartphones cameras nowadays

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