Gaming with iPhone 12 Does it Heat Up

We do gaming with the iPhone 12 we play the game call of duty mobile continuously at the highest settings to see if the new iPhone 12 exhibits any heating issues and check the temperature with a infrared heat gun.

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22 thoughts on “Gaming with iPhone 12 Does it Heat Up”

  1. Mine is heating up to 40 degrees just while streaming Netflix. It’s heats especially when the battery is at <40%.

  2. It definitely heats and depends on room temperature . I tested this on 26 degree c . And after 30 minutes playing pubg it heats up . While i tested same in iphone 8 and that was very smooth. U need to play in ac room or put a fan behind the phone to play pubg on iphone 12

  3. My 12 pro max is heating up like an oven while charging with original accessories… now i understand real world experience is totally different from what You tubers talk. Now I regret my purchase🥵

  4. I just bought my iPhone 12 a week ago. I played ark survival evolved game (2gb). I can’t even hold it and play. It’s heating like any other phone. Don’t buy if you focus more on gaming.

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