GOLD! iPhone 13 Pro Unboxing & Hands On

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GOLD is one of the most popular iPhone Pro colors. And this year’s gold iPhone 13 Pro is different from last year’s gold iPhone 12 Pro, both inside and out. This video has all the deets!

00:00 Intro
00:27 Unboxing
01:43 Integration
03:22 How Gold?
04:15 Larger Camera Bump
06:37 Smoother Display
07:35 Outro




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35 thoughts on “GOLD! iPhone 13 Pro Unboxing & Hands On”

  1. Two videos in a day. I know. Was aiming for 3 actually but your boy needs to sleep. Don't worry another 2 are coming tomorrow. So please be around for those too.

    The other video from today, BLUE iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing & Hands-On:

    Quick correction. Focus distance for that Macro Camera is 2cm away. Also Apple will be pushing out and update to turn off auto switching to macro while using the ultra wide angle camera.

  2. I got my gold 13 pro on release day and three months later I can say it’s my most favourite thing. I’m still obsessed and it’s by far the best phone I’ve ever had

  3. so I work at a bar and I found this phone and no one came to look for it it's been 3 months my boss told me to throw it away but I wanted to know if I could sell it for part or something? It's a gold one and both back screen and back glass is broken 😅

  4. Me and my dad bought moms this phone, in 1tb storage option. But yknow, if i got that phone i would cry, because its 1.8k euro waisted.

    Currently i have a op7p and honestly, no joke i wouldnt even buy a phone if i wanted to. I can afford an s21 ultra rn but i absolutely hate the punchout in phones rn. They look like an ugly mole on an otherwise beautiful face, not that i have a problem with that but def wouldnt be spedlnding money on an item with that look, also they have a black bar like it or not in certain apps. Notch on the iphone is even worse, its tragic honestly that a handset costing this much can be designed like that and people are fine with it. They where annoyed at first but everybody forgot about it lol. I would say the google pixel is the only somewhat good looking phone, but even then the samsung placement of the cutout is even more unapealing than the off centre ones.. Its such a shame that the pop up was cancelled, imo the tradeoffs are worth it and "problems" also i dont care about. Not only because they are very rare but also because i dont even use the selfie lol (also practically non existent in reputable brands that made them, only gona say oneplus though, so if samsung made them (they did bte just not the exact type, but the battery incident from 2017 wouldnt persist for sure onowing their new quality control pressure lol), and peace of mind that ur phone isnt looking at u when doing something is always nice. And yes, this happens a lot, especially in snapchat for example, the camera stays up a lot longer than anywhere else when you close the app so i have to like clear my recent apps to get rid of it. Whats even more of a shame is the note lineup getting cancelled, but if the s22 will have sharp corners on it then its fine tbh. I see that the note lineup is kinda obsolete, they get the same proccessors when new ones are about to come out and also the s pen, while very cool, in normal use cases not that useful.. still a very cool thing to have and would love it to be a thing but i dont mind that too much. Hopefully under display cameras will get implemented into flagships soon, that will be my new phone depending on a few other aspects like size, design and also brand tbh, i had a oneplus for the first and last time. Its fine but there are some clear problems, probably i will get a samsung or google next time.

  5. thanks for this vid!! I want to get the gold 13 but im nervous itll look too similar to the 12, & I dont wanna spend all that on a 13 just for it to look like a 12 :/

  6. I just ordered this phone in the apple store. They did not have anymore left in stock. They said it would take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive but I bet I will get it sooner than that. I also ordered a 20w power brick off amazon. I plan to also order a tech21 clear case off their website or a gear4 case haven't decided yet and a two pack spigen screen protector. 😀 I am upgrading from the red XR I have AT&T

  7. i bought iphone 13 pro 256 gold october 22 and its worth it super happy with iphone 13 pro i been using my xs max since 2018 and i decide to upgrade my phone this year and its big diffrent and super worth it 😱♥️♥️♥️

  8. I got the Gold but the videos doesn’t justify it’s beauty. I want to see the Sierra Blue in person haha. Any thoughts on which color is better?

  9. I also got the iPhone 13 pro max, 128gb in white/silver. i did an unboxing and test video on my channel! if anyone has been debating on getting it….. GET IT, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!! i love mine and it was worth every penny, lol. i love these kinds of videos, thanks for sharing!

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