Google Pixel 5 camera review: BETTER than an iPhone, BUT…

Google gave us the new Google Pixel 5 ( to review against the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with some surprising results, like, the Pixel 5 is better at portraits despite NOT having a portrait lens! We also compare night mode for photographing stars and 4k video (including the locked mode and cinematic panning). SUBSCRIBE to see the full review!

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43 thoughts on “Google Pixel 5 camera review: BETTER than an iPhone, BUT…”

  1. I have rarely seen anything as dishonest as comparing 2 images, both shot at different F-stop, different ISO and DIFFERENT SHUTTER TIMES! You compare a Google 5 image you let the shutter 'pull in light' for 1/3rd of a second, with a iPhone image you let go for 1.1 seconds more than 3 times longer. Then say the iPhone pic is brighter?!By that logic if one were to run the same test (with the same settings) twice on either phone, it would be 'brighter' than itself…

  2. An awesome review thank you. When you say "That's why we all use iOS", do you mean just in your industry or the general public? Android had 73% of the market compared to 27% for iOS when you made this video, with Android even higher now.

  3. I have been using iPhone for almost 6 years , and recently upgraded to S21Ultra and now Zflip 3 , it's a solid experience in Sansung ecosystem, at this moment Z flip 3 is not flagship cameras. I wish to buy Pixel 6 pro as my personal flagship.

  4. I have a new Pixel 5. Yeah, it seems to be a great phone. Lots of features. The finger print scanner is awesome, etc., etc. That said, I really don't like the photos that I get from any phone, especially these AI processed photos from modern phones. At a glance, they look amazing, but when you actually look at them, they kind of seem, well, weird. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I prefer the photos that I took on my previous (six, or seven year old) Blackberry Q10. They were just photos, and in decent light, they were almost good enough, even when you actually looked at them. It would be cool if Google could give us the option to shoot in raw without any processing applied, and just let the user develop the images as he or she saw fit. Super sharpened, HDR-like skies, and fake (digital) bokeh, just don't do it for me.

  5. "We all use iOS". lol. I love my Macbook, with it's slick *nix OS in some proper hardware and some eye candy. They are still good, but Apple got spoiled with all the money they've made with their iPhones and the Appstore.

  6. This guy is a walking Apple ad.
    Probably paid by Apples marketing.
    Nothing is trustworthy here.
    Worthless review.
    Google infrastructure is far better and OPEN than Apples from video calls to syncing and just plain everything.

    Just happened to stumble onto this guy anyway cause I was looking for a Moment lens review.

    Will definitely not subscribe to this guy's stuff.

  7. But still has the price of a iphone 11, was taking a look at poco f3 but that stabilization and voice quality are missing, plus phone kind of big, people like it but when it comes to recording small factor is better

  8. Sir, im loving the quality of your content. What camera/setup are you using? If its a Canon setup, no doubt a L lens or something similar?

    Also, those "ph" sounds from 2:08 onwards can be easily fixed by a pop filter. Cheers my man!

    You've no doubt already fixed this since the video's over 6 months old!

  9. I am a businessman I have been using the iPhone for years and now I am confused which phn is best for me samsung note 20 or google pixal 5 I am waiting 4 ur reply

  10. Testing Google Duo on an iPhone probably doesn't work as good and what's crazy about it when I call an iPhone it lights up is a green bubble when I call an Android it lights up as a blue bubble I guess Samsung Galaxy is doing the same thing that iPhone did 😂

  11. In a way I can't believe it with under screen cameras and all the technology we got iPhone still has that great big forehead and I really wish they would increase the ram they're using 6 GB on the iPhone 12 that's like back in 2018 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus even the cheaper model pixel has 8 gigs they really don't want you to edit they want you to buy other Apple products

  12. man you are locked to a system and that ok if YOU like it more …(for me thats expensive and incomplete)
    i am ok use Android ,open sources, Microsoft windows etc.
    now in Europe i dont know anyone ichatting …i chat with anyone uses apps based on android-iPhone (from xiaomi 100$ to Samsung s21 1200$)…nobody is locked out of anything..

  13. Hmm I was a bit confused at the night photography, seems odd as many other videos show better footage for the pixel – then you say about not noticing the bezel difference because you’ve not figured out how to full screen a browser!?! Other points were clear and helpful but that threw me

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