Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA review

We review the new Google Pixel 6 Pro smartphone ($900 at vs the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to see which has the better camera. We test the action panning with motorsports, portrait photography (both telephoto and wide-angle), long exposures (both on-and-off a tripod), night photography, and astrophotography (with and without a tripod), and daylight photography. The winner is really shocking-the iPhone has been defeated and we have a NEW best smartphone camera champion!

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  1. The iPhone does have wide angle portraits and wide angle night portraits. You might want to go back over that part of the video. Absolutely huge slip up. It can be accessed on the portrait mode live view through tapping the little circle with the “3x” in the bottom left corner switching between the 1x and 3x lenses while retaining the portrait mode.

  2. Even the cheapest phones now take great pictures. I ditched the DSLR for the phone for a vacation I did. It's pretty much useless carrying all that bulky weight. I had great pictures and videos. I have now one DSLR left which I still use for pro work.

  3. As with all your videos this comparison is superb due to not only being highly relevant, but due to perfect execution! As an iPhone 13 Pro owner I certainly agree with Chelsea to a degree, where my iPhone is now going on sale on Swappa so I can switch to Pixel 6 Pro. Can’t wait to see what the Pixel 7 Pro will offer! 😊🙏🏻

  4. Great video guys! 🙂
    I absolutely love my Pixel 6 Pro, fantastic camera, way above all others I've seen, even the new S22 Ultra overall going from videos I've seen, I'm well happy! 👍🏻🙂🇬🇧

  5. I have a pixel 4 and a cannon rp with the nifty 50 lense. I feel like I can get better pictures from my pixel in a few situations then the rp. Hdr gives better results. When taking photos in my dimly lite house my pixel always does better. I'm no pro but something I've noticed. I have always been asked "what phone do you have? That picture looks so good." Most of those people have iPhones. Always thought that was funny. Been using the pixel since the 2 and there cameras are pretty good. I've thought Google should make a pro camera but smart like there phones. Get rid of these old style cameras and get some that are smart like a phone. Could revolutionize the industry.

  6. All the trick shots like long exposure doesn't matter when the picture quality is terrible. I had to return the phone it was so bad. Also something that is NEVER mentioned in any review is that Google gives you 15GB to store your photos and videos and that's it. You have to pay a monthly fee if you want more storage than that. Doesn't matter if you bought a 128gb, 256gb, or 512gb phone, you get 15GB, that is it. Google doesn't mention this. Sell what is supposed to be one of the most advanced camera phones and have no storage.

  7. Curious where the video comparison video is for these phones. At the end you said one was next but I don't see it anywhere. Just subscribed because of this video btw. Love what you guys did here.

  8. I learned photography from you guys your review is great nothing compares wen it comes to photography it gives a tone of details that others just have no idea…
    And as for bias well it doesn't interfere with the facts in the video you shared the results in the same conditions….
    I would like to see the test against the Samsung ultra I know they are different price brackets but I would like to see how they compare..
    Ps just ordered pixel 6 Pro 🙂 I love night photography and sadly I do not have a DSLR any more

  9. The main advantage of the iPhone camera is that the night mode is much faster. The night mode of the 6 Pro takes up to approximately 7.5 seconds and often leads to blurry photos. Night Sight shouldn't take longer than 2 seconds (like the HDR+ On mode of the Google Nexus 5x, which was one of the first smartphone "night modes") and shouldn't use a longer exposure time per frame than 1/5s (like the HDR+ enhanced mode of the Pixel 3a).

  10. I've been using the 5x telephoto lens on my note 20 ultra to capture portraits since day one. Its such a long and compressed lenght that it produces natural bokeh on its own. You don't need a portrait mode for that lens. I bet the pixel can do the same. I don't understand why pro photographers don't do this when reviewing camera phones. 105, 135, 200 are great protrait lengths.

  11. it sounds like you guys aren't apple fans at all. You sound very one sided … I have both phones and I am a huge pixel fan but it doesn't compare to then iPhone actually the iPhone is the best camera on a smart phone rite now that's not opinion that's fact. Maybe when the s22 comes out nut until then I suggest anyone looking to learn about these phones don't listen to these idiots

  12. Btw, Moment's case adds Magsafe to the Pixel 6. I thought you might already know since you used a Moment tool, but I guess the Pixel 6 case IS way more recent tho. Heh. 😅

  13. Wait. Are you absolutelySURE there was artificial bokeh in the night shots? The 6 also just has a larger sensor and has noticeably more natural bokeh than the iPhone. Obvious when shooting video.

    Besides, the 6 is generally so bad at taking bokeh that I doubt it somehow pulled it off in that one shot.

    I may have missed something tho.

  14. About time, that Canon, Sony; Fuji etc. start to produce cameras with more intelligence and options. Smartphones are gaining in. My G9 is at sleep most of the time, because my phone can do some of the jobs on an amateur level.

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