Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA Test.

Full camera test comparison of Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max. For Rhinoshield use code “THEBOSS” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards) – All Cases: RhinoShield Collab Designs:

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46 thoughts on “Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro CAMERA Test.”

  1. Came here specifically because of the Real Tone stuff that Google advertised. Have to say, it doesn't seem like the skin tones come out that much better in the Pixel or anything. Sometimes they come out arguably worse, and other times it's debatable and a looks like a matter of white balance at best. I'd say some of the shots under trees with the green'd light come out a bit better corrected in the Pixel but also maybe a bit too red? Either way a mildly experienced photographer could easily correct such a thing by hand or just find a better location to take the picture at. Judging by this video I don't see this as any big revolution in quality for portraying darker skin tones, with the photos from the iPhone looking perfectly fine for the most part.

  2. Ok so far every phone that you compare to the iPhone just demolish it….. but even though i respect your opinion, I can’t help to see my iPhone producing spectacular pictures, and amazing videos, not a professional by no means but i guess i have to try some of this phones to see the difference, …. I guess iPhone will fulfill my need for having it all for now.

  3. you know whats so great about the pixel 6? The back started coming off. Google sent me to an asurion repair store. They replaced the back. But then I noticed that when they "repaired" it the microphone grill is missing making this thing no longer water or dust proof. Google refuses to help. Yeah this phone is great

  4. Google pixel have a good chance to be the iphone of androids, if Google plays its cards right it will be the best…. Samsung s22 I feel it hasn't yet got a chance of winning the soon coming iPhone 14 I hope pixel 7 pro will be the king of android phonea

  5. Iv been an apple person but if I ever get into filming or photography I'll jump ship but overall I do feel android will suffice as the choice in the near future . Anyways good work

  6. Why are all phone companys like: Oh Yeah we have the best camera, the other things pffff dont need that if u have a Good camera on your phone


  7. I'm a photographer who doesn't use iPhones as I don't use Mac + they're expensive but I'll still admit the iPhone camera is waay superior! Even to the Pixel 6 Pro and Huawei whichever… The acid test is low light. All sensors love bright light and perform really well until they get indoors or worse, so bright light comparisons are less than relevant. As for dynamic range, the iPhone captures it all, it's just designed to process to jpeg without overly opening up shadows and muddying highlights. It's designed that way, to look crisper, more natural and with just enough contrast. If you want more tones, you can easily open up shadows (without noise) and tone down highlights with your phone's software. I've also never understood the importance of differences in photo colours. It really isn't a big deal to compensate for any shifts but having said that, in this video, the iPhone is the clear winner… The Pixel is in no way worth it's price.

  8. bruh iphone didnt beat the s21 ultra and why u call thing the camera champion?
    its totally unfair u didnt decide a specific winner in the last video and u cant call the iphone the champion because s21 ultra got more points than the iphone

  9. tbh from the comparison of photos i actually prefer the iphones photo quality more, sure it has more of a more contrasted, sharp style to them but its better than the slightly over vibrant / over processed pixels pictures, feels as if they were overcompensating with the color correction to get the "true tone"

  10. this is the best phone comparison video that i have ever seen across the internet. Great job! You get a like + subscription to your channel. What great content!

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