Google Pixel 6 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max Drop Test!

Drop test between the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. We did the drops from 1m this time to see if the iPhone’s Ceramic Shield Glass could at least survive that (like the iPhone 12 series did).



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Google Pixel 6 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max Drop Test!


40 thoughts on “Google Pixel 6 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max Drop Test!”

  1. Anyone else see the dent in the corner test on the iPhone? He doesn't mention it and says the pixel just has heavier scuffs. I'd would say it's a tie seeing pixel has heavier scuffs but didn't dent. And the iPhone dented and had smaller scuffs.

  2. One day I threw my iPhone 13 Pro Max at a wall very lightly while in a video chat with my friends. I had “20 Feet Drop Protection Case” and “8X stronger #1 Screen Protecter.” What happened was the Phones screen itself shattered and not a single other thing was damaged. It still worked tho… any thoughts on how my wall doesn’t even look like it got touched by a baby’s light touch and it freaking broke into practical pieces?

  3. We know ur an iPhone bs. Ud try anything anything to get that iPhone on top. Haha. Last year was luck drop. Maybe?
    PAYED sponsorship from iPhone?. Hehe. ARE WE? HAHA.
    I really don't know what you people see in those iPhones? Hehe. Just boring I guess.
    And why u only clean that iPhones corner? Same with 13? Last video.
    Hehe. U guys are funny.

  4. the video for the 13 pro max is the same video used in the s22 ultra vs 13 pro max video on this guys channel stop lying about the 13 being stronger its really not

    if u dont believe me check for ur self

  5. whyyyyy you need to destroy these 2 phones, my heart aches! yet I can't even buy a new phone still using Oppo F5 but I love this kind of review, you never disappoint us!!!

  6. Nick – love your vids! What do you use to transfer your texts from Android to iOS (and back)? You're always switching OS's and I was thinking by now you must have found a good way to move your texts back and forth. I'm very curious about this.

  7. For the first time ever, I own a phone that has lost to an iPhone and I feel a shame like never before. 🤦‍♂️

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