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  1. Did it all before but still can't find an icon on the iPhone to 'go' to it. It doesn't place an icon automatically and can't find anything on the Internet explaining how to find the app when ready to use it.

  2. Love the video very helpful but can you please tell me how to hear you speak slower or is there the same info written somewhere? Thanks for reading 🙏

  3. i did all that your recommended but i noticed callers are getting my personal voice mail box not my voice mail box? help

  4. Have an emergency question if anyone can answer me please on how to RETRIEVE DELETE MSG CHAT I accidentally removed it not realizing it was permanently! 😱🤬😭

  5. It says on mine that "Message forwarding to linked numbers will stop working soon." In the help section it says that this will happen on Aug 1 or soon thereafter.

  6. Hello. I've been using google voice on my android. it has a setting "calls started from this device's phone app" which i set to "use google voice number". So even if i call using my device's phone app, the called person's caller id would show my google voice number. This way, nobody would know my real carrier number. Is this setting or feature also available in the iphone version of google voice? i never had an iphone and thinking of buying one. thanks

  7. I have tried multiple times to add a Google # to my existing phone # and get an error message that a google # cannot be linked to my cell #. What could cause this? And, what can I do?

  8. I need to delete the first number I used for Google voice and set up another one but they wont let me use my cell phone with more than one account. Grrr

  9. I have used Google Voice for over ten years because I like having a landline, and tend to prefer using that when I'm home, but don't like giving people two numbers. I give people my GV number only, so that I can pick up on either phone at home, and when I'm dialing out on either one (thanks to an Obi device–longer story), the recipient doesn't need to know or care whether I'm home or out and about–they see only my GV number, and don't have to think about where to call me back. If I were to lose my mobile phone I'd be in no big rush to replace it because incoming calls would still reach my landline, and I would deal with texts on my computer! I switched from iPhone to Android years ago because I'm not limited to calling from Google Voice on an Android phone for the Caller ID to work properly. But this video makes me think that Google Voice with an iPhone may be a little less cumbersome than it was years ago.

  10. I have Google Voice but I think I set up accidentally something wrong I my settings…My link phone number voicemail has been replaced by Google Voice number… I get emails of miss calls from my personal number…How can I reset all my settings?

  11. Extremely helpful. I will be using this for business. I schedule my time to leverage it appropriately and keep business time, business time, and personal time, personal time. Many thanks. Subd.

  12. I just want to know how to answer calls! I got it all set up, but when someone calls, they have to say their name to some machine, then when I try to answer I get a confusing interface with about 8 different choices, none of which are "ANSWER". Halp!

  13. Hi! I am able to send outgoing texts on Google Voice to the recipients but I don’t receive their incoming texts. Do you know how to fix this?

  14. Can you have multiple Google Voice numbers linked to one iphone? For example, I setup 5 different Google Voice accounts and link them all to the same iphone.

  15. If I try this for an hour and decide I don't like it is it easy to delete? There won't be any permanent changes to my phone or number?

  16. Do you know if I can change the greeter language? Some of my clients don’t speak English and don’t know what is google voice which is hard to explain to them if they never heard of it. I normally make my own voicemail greeting but they tend to hang up before they reach to voice mail. Other then that this app is super awesome and have been using it for more then a year.

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