Hands-on: iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve

Hands-on with the iPhone 12 Leather Sleeve for iPhone 12 Pro Max.
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The iPhone 12 Leather Sleeve is a MagSafe-enabled sleeve with lanyard attachment. It features MagSafe charging, and a special display via the window cutout. $129.00 available in four colors.

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47 thoughts on “Hands-on: iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Sleeve”

  1. Hey i am wondering if it could fit iPhone 13 pro max in it. i know camera is a bit bigger on iphone 13 pro max but this is a pouch/ sleeve not a hard case. has anyone tried it

  2. I want one. Looks like it’s not available for the new mini 13. As I result, I may buy the mini 12 over the mini 13. Looks like it provides best protection in a case. Between my watch, Apple Pay, I only need to carry my driver’s license and one cc.

  3. WOW!!
    Excellent review and forewarning!
    I don’t trust CrApple to be as wholistic and complete as they like to come off as..

    Great vid and review – thx bruv!

  4. I know this is overkill but with the leather sleeve can you place already a case on it as well I have my symmetry OtterBox case which I love but could I squeeze that in with the case probably not but aesthetically I’ve always loved leather sleeves I’ve got one for my MacBook Pro and thought maybe I could do one for this

  5. This product aims a small part of consumer markets. There are some folks want to carry their iPhone without any cases; they say that the case ruins the grip feeling of iPhone.

  6. Apple are the pioneers of “Anti-climactic” product marketing. I’m totally hooked as a fan of Apple. But there are moments like this that just get me wondering who comes up with these ideas?!!!! My Glass is definitely feeling half empty 😤

  7. This is dumb even for the mini, why would you need a sleeve (a thing that basically is a bag) for a phone (a device that doesn’t need extra bags to carry around, your pocket is perfect). Yeah I understand the MacBook and iPad sleeves because those devices don’t just fit in your pocket and could use a sleeve for protection inside the bag or to ditch a backpack entirely but on the iPhone it’s just dumb

    The only saving grace is the strap, which should’ve been paired with the normal cases apple sells kind of like the old iPod loop

  8. on iPhone, there is an OPTION called "Auto-Answer Calls" .  In Accessibility,  is an Auto  function. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Touch>Call Audio Routing>Auto- Calls. Turn that on.

  9. You're supposed to attach it to a purse. so when you reach for your phone in the bag its easy to find because of the lanyard. You look at the window to see the time or who's calling. It's for people who don't want a case on their phone. but want to keep it protected when its swimming around in their bags.
    The person who buys this thing wants to own their phone with out a case. But they still want protection
    Thats it.
    It was not designed to answer phones with,. The lanyard isn't even long enough for answer your phone with it attached to a bag lol

    Its literally just a pocket

    Apple did a terrible job at marketing this product since people are so confused.

  10. I have this case and like it a lot. It is for using the iPhone without any case and I cannot describe the pleasure from using it without any bulk from the case.That being said, I also have a wallet case that I switch to from time to time, and a work phone with an otter case for “running around”. This case is perfect for those times when you just want to go minimalist.

  11. Does not work after 3 weeks anymore to switch. I'm curious whether it is the sleve or the iphone. Whatever it is, it is odd to pay such a price for products that don't work

  12. My concern is if sand particles get inside of the case, now you are sliding your “naked“ phone in and out of the case the potentially has particles of sand in it.
    My only concern is if that happens it will scratch all sides of the phone.

  13. I agree that not being able to answer a call using this case is definitely and issue and most likely would stop me from purchasing but is it possible that apple feels we should be using the airpods to answer the call?

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