Hardcore Android User Switches to an Apple iPhone to Try the New iOS 14

Apple’s new iOS 14 has been released to the public, but what does a hardcore Android user and Google Pixel User think of the iOS 14 compared to Android? Let’s compare 🤖 Customize your devices with a dbrand skin & grip case: https://bit.ly/3csYkKl (sponsored)

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44 thoughts on “Hardcore Android User Switches to an Apple iPhone to Try the New iOS 14”

  1. 🚨*QOTD: What do you think? Are you primarily an iOS user or an Android user? What do you think of the new changes in iOS 14 and if you're an Android user, do you find any of these changes compelling? Are you switching to iOS?*
    🤖 Customize your devices with a dbrand skin & grip case: https://bit.ly/3csYkKl (sponsored)

  2. Have been thinking about moving over to IOS again after 7 years of being with Samsung. But for me to change. IPhone will have to have, USB C and always on display.

  3. IU have never used a Iphone but am switching for security reasons. You have covered so much in so short of time I could not keep up and half the time I had no clue of what you where saying.

  4. Android is more intuitive and techy, iOS is more geared towards social media aspects, so I can see why girls and socialites want it perhaps :/

  5. I've tried iOS in the recent past and the addition of widgets is my favorite update but I'm still sticking with Samsung. I love Samsung One UI and the new foldables they are putting out, I'm waiting for the Fold 4.

  6. I just stumbled across your video and I got say that I was a hard core fan of Android, I recently switched over to iPhone 12 and I like it. I thought it would be hard of a switch but it's been pretty easy for me at least.

  7. Being a die hard android user will mostly never switch. As for Iphone having Android like features. Hardly. The day that happens Apple will have to include a micro sd card slot.

  8. I just switched from Android after using it as long as you did when I got my 13 Pro the other day and overall I'm happy with it. I couldn't have moved if they hadn't made it so you could group icons and remove others from the home screen.

    Battery life is so much better than my Pixel 3. On my first charge I got 11hr 53min of screen on time with 7% remaining….wow!

  9. Not worth it to pay for I phones if you don't own other apple products to use its eco system. You'll be handicapped if you use only the i phone and it does not work with your PC, etc.

  10. Yeah, I've tried having an iphone twice and just didn't like it, at first it was the back button being on the top of the screen, then it just snowballed into a buncha different things. I like the interface of the Pixel, swiping on the right of left of the screen takes you back as opposed to the iphones only swiping from the left.

  11. Android is miles ahead regarding options to set up your phone. On Iphone it is Apples way. Period. It would be nice if Apple would let user select txt message sound on Messenger whitout changeing all!! And better if Apple would let users select volume on ringtone with one slider and txt tone volume with another. That is not possible. Simple useful things you get on android but not ios. Why?

  12. I just realized how little I actually use my phone. I have had both iPhone and android and I never really use any of the key features people rave about. I prefer android manly because they have more budget options and I am one of those overly decorative people. That completely theme/customize every detail of my phone as possible.

  13. I really liked Android, ive used it since Galaxy i5700 Spica, but after 10 years i just got bored and tired of it. I've been using iOS since 5s, maining it since iPhone 7. However, i still use 2 Nokia with Android One. One of them for testing new custom versions of android, the other one for work. And now that i dont have to wipe my main phone every 6 months or so it started being kind of fun again.

  14. I have a jailbroken iPhone. It’s as customizable as Android with the luxury of the beautiful iPhone 12 and the amazing app integration. I’ve been using Apple since the iPhone 6 and have always jailbroken them. I miss Android for the customizations but everything else was 👎🏼

  15. Do u all think ios is not aware of these thing… if they come closer to android then where is the hype for ios???? Ios simply refuses to add up even when they are capable more than current adroids

  16. I saw a video that a hardcore Apple user went to android and every comment was kids making jokes about apple. every comment on this video is polite and professional.

  17. I'm thinking of giving iphone a try. I have been using android since 2012. Sooo. Really hope to see some big improvements in iphone 13

  18. ive used android phones for a few years, then at the time( 2016) apple released the iphone 6s, i thought that it was time to finally get an iphone. things from my perspective went from good to bad, i then decided to go back to android after a few years, and pre ordered the s9+, now im considering on going back to ios ( i still have my iphone 6s, and from what ive seen so far with 14.7.1, i might end up switching again. i like what i see.

  19. I have both the 12 pro max and note 20 ultra. Android is just a more of a fun experience. iOS is a status symbol. Misty can't afford to drop the required amount to purchase an iphone event with a payment plan they are extremely expensive compared to the Android phone marketplace. You won't find a better deal with Apple over Android at any time. It always comes down to 🤑. End of discussion from my perspective.

  20. Omg I am a 11 years samsung user and I was thinking about switching over to IOS I've been researching tons of videos about iphones and the new upgrades experience and I wanted to know how to use them but nobody explained it like you did with images showing you how to do it thank you so much for this!! Your amazing 👏

  21. My biggest gripe from IOS was the multitasking. U could leave an app open in the background go to a couple other apps and open back the app u left in the background and it wouldn't continue where i left off. I hated thay

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