How Apple Private Relay Kills Data Profiling

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Apple’s new Private Relay. Part of iCloud+. The not a geo-hop, not a corporate tunnel, not-a-VPN…. that will soon be protecting your IP… and identity online. But what does any of that even mean?

What Private Relay will do, what it’s designed to do, is encrypt all your connections, including any legacy connections not using https, to obfuscate your real IP address, and to prevent anyone, even Apple, from knowing both who you are and where you’re connecting to on the web.


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31 thoughts on “How Apple Private Relay Kills Data Profiling”

  1. This is the only video, that I've come across, that delves deep enough into the topic to answer the question I had about sites you're logged into. Thanks!

  2. Yeah I'm still not going to trust a "privacy" feature designed by a trillion dollar company. This is a shell game and Apple always knows where the ball is. "nobody has the full picture to profile you" They don't need the full picture and you should know that. This is another grift designed to ensure that Apple is the only corporation with access to your data. If you're fine with that, then it's exactly what you're looking for, but this is by no means private.

  3. I don’t think the US government which has invested billions in spying on the populace will relinquish that power and render their capital investments redundant.
    Apple would not be allowed to curtail this overnight without serious backdoors and compromises
    There is too much money tied to private enterprise around spying and privatising government capabilities via contractors around the NSA
    Also the US uses British GCHQ which is an adjunct of the NSA is used to spy on US citizens to get around domestic laws and constitutional rights.
    Then there is the whole 5 eyes network for spying on private citizens in US client states around the globe.
    No way Apple are going to be allowed to hide the perfectly legal day to day actions of the populace
    The whole system is about transparency of the actions of ordinary people and obfuscation of the actions of the ruling class

  4. @ReneRitchie It protect from third part that means apple still has access to our private information and they can still sell our data to gain more profit since only selling hardwares won't help them to make billion dollars. Apple has already said that they will implement CSAM algorithm and following strong opposition they will implement it later so privacy is a joke to apple or any company .Private relay won't wok on plane because it needs internet connection to go through apple servers first so even to turn of and back on you need internet connection.

    Some people think that our data is safe with apple . A moment of silence for those people. Our data is not safe with any company .

  5. Omg, another ad. People please understand 🍎 is no exception and like every other service provider they are listening, spying and selling your data too. So it doesn't matter what you choose there is no privacy. Lol what a joke.

  6. If something seems to good to be true it's because it is I honestly think this is just a gimic to get more ppl to sign up for their services he says it in the video it will only work if ur paying the monthly subscription fee

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