34 thoughts on “How To FIX This Apple ID Hasn't Been Used In The iTunes Store! (2021)”

  1. me trying to fix it for 3 days i put it off then i looked up several videos and nothing works. 😭

    normally you would say to contact apple but idk how to do that either

  2. For me when I completed the whole form it says I haven’t completed the form when I have given all the details from credit card to phone number

  3. I am trying to update a game and it tells me to sign in with a password and it didint work so my first question is what password do I put In and my second question is when I try to reset the password and get the code and put it in it has me do it again and when I do that it says a unknown error and I put in my payment method and shipment address

  4. I am having this issue as a new apple user not really but I don't remember my last ID from 2015 so yeah. But anyway here's the issue I'm having whenever I try to use the iTunes app on my Mac Book Pro 13 it always spams me with the reviewing my Apple ID even thought I have signed in multiple times and I have no idea as to how to get past this. Also I don't have a iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple Product besides this Mac Book. Please help.

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