How to set up an Apple Watch for a family member — Apple Support

With Family Setup you can use your iPhone to set up and manage an Apple Watch for a family member, such as a child, who doesn’t have their own iPhone.

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37 thoughts on “How to set up an Apple Watch for a family member — Apple Support”

  1. I'm a Samsung user. The only thing I missed was the iwatch and imessages. So I'll definitely be getting a watch now. Plus I have a child I'll buy for now too. Thanks apple.

  2. Any plans to truly make this a stand alone device? I don't want to have a iPhone anymore and the iPhone doesn't work well as a mini computer when hooked up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, can the watch be setup with an iPhone without the iPhone controlling the watch once setup?

  3. I dont have an apple watch but im gonna get it later,and since im a child i needed to know this since my mom has an iphone thanks alot!

  4. My apple watch series 4 has an error saying that it doesn't have gps+ and is not updated to watch os 8 but it's possible to uodate

  5. So basically, a family member can use the apple watch as a phone to make and receive calls and texts with airpods and a cellular plan? And play music via apple music, and use siri, and all the health apps on the watch? And use gps via apple maps?

    Basically, they don't need a phone anymore?

  6. My dad did this for me but the problem is that i have spectrum and i cant use spectrum cellular data on my watch unless it is linked with the phone.Any help??

  7. I want there se Apple Watch i have and ipad 8th gen with keyboard and Apple Pencil its great for students and work no paying for word on windows, apple is not expensive plus if you have a printer that supports AirPrint its even better

  8. Can someone who has two apple watches for themselves please answer this question. First, my watch is set up with a carrier that does not support sharing. I am going to try Truphone, I think is the name, but don't want to mess up my current set up. Can I set up my other watch first under family sharing or do I need to set up the original watch first? It sounds like a stupid question but someone said that Truphone gives you a different number and I want my regular number on at least one of my watches. Thanks in advance fellow commentors.

  9. How do i get apps like Spotify and watch’s app for communicating with people on android

    My dad also has to use his iPhone because mine is an iPhone 6 and it cannot pair with it because it loads iOS 12

  10. Someone please help! Next month is my boyfriend’s birthday & I am thinking of buying us both an apple watches & both have GPS + Cellular. But unfortunately, he didn’t have an iphone so I am thinking of pairing his watch to my iphone & set up using the apple watch family plan. However I got confused as I never use any apple watch before. If he make calls using his watch to his contact, will it use my cellular network or his? I mean when he make calls, will my phone number appears to the person whom he was calling or will it show his phone number? Sorry english is not my first language so I hope I am understandable 😭

  11. Im am so frustrated with apple watch family set up! Got two watch SE for my kids and there seems to be a major issue with intermittent data loss with each watch. Spent many sessions lasting several hours with apple phone support and despite collecting multiple logs and profiles for each watch i still haven't gotten an answer from apple! Just need to know-
    1/ Is it a network provider fault? (seems less likely because my kids could be standing next to each other and one watch will have data and one will not)
    2/ is this an apple watch SE fault?
    been stuck with a contract for almost 3 months now, Hope apple can tell me if its problem 1 or 2

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  13. We also want a set up for an apple watch for our grand parents/parents
    Features like :
    Fall detection
    Low oxygen level in blood
    Low/fast heart rate
    Wakie talkie
    These will help us monitor our parents and grandparents from anywhere
    And the best part is notification about there health can help us get them sone more time with us on earth….❤️

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