38 thoughts on “How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone (100% WORKS)”

  1. Works perfect! Kinda hard setting up my Android device (Samsung S10+), had to search a lot how to do it bc my pc didnt reecognize the device. Once thats done, all good to go, smooth and not that time consuming.

  2. Can anyone share with us about the metadata on pictures/videos in iOS gallery after transfer. Are all the pictures and videos in their actual dates or all are dated as per current transfer date.

  3. Didnt work for me, mine only gets to 66% of the copy and activate and then does nothing, I tried all the resolution steps but non of them worked. I paid for the software but now I will have to see if I can get a refund. I was transferring from a Huawei Mate lite to a iPhone Xs Max

  4. This is literally all redundant because you have to pay for the feature. Which you conveniently and very quickly brushed over the fact that you were given the full license, while not actually explaining that the transfer is not available unless you have the license; which is the purpose of this video, to provide a way to transfer. Useless.

  5. I'm still amazed how WhatsApp has no means to transfer chat backups directly between iOS and Android. I think it's about time WhatsApp chats stayed in the cloud just like Telegram so that when devices change, we just login and boom, everything is there.

  6. Guys, yes this does cost 40 bucks, but at least it really works flawlessly. I just did it. I think it is worth the money, since there are no official better methods. Just think about what other less trustworthy third parties can do with your data if you use some free transfer version.

  7. It is failing at the last step without any information on whats wrong.Just says "Restore 100% (!)" The exclamation mark in red color indicating its failed. Multiple retry did not work either. Any inputs on working through that?

  8. Can I use the same tool to transfer dual whatsapp as well? Like I have Dual whatsapp on my Android device and I have dual whatsapp on iPhone as well. So does it map properly to the appropriate whatsapp versions between Android and iOS??

  9. It would have been helpful to mention right off the bat that the license to enable Whatsapp transfer is $30. I wouldn't have wasted my time going through the whole video and setup.

  10. Hi – I'm trying to transfer all whatsapp data from andriod to Iphone, however I have logged out of Whatsapp on Andriod and can't log back into whatsapp on andriod (error "Unable to connect. Please try later"), can I still use this to transfer all my whatapps data from andriod to iphone without logging into whatapp on andriod?

  11. I am having a diff issue… "Install whatsapp of specified version" is stuck at 20% 🙁 Don't know what to do? Can anyone help? I have cancelled and restarted the process 2 times and it's still getting stuck there.

  12. Quick question:
    I'm transferring date from my S20+ to my 13 Pro. When finally log into WhatsApp on my iphone (after rebooting and the software tells me the transfer has been successful) the app offers me to upload a backup file from my iCloud, but WhatsApp also infoms me there is no backup file on my iCloud and if I continue there is no option to restore a backup file. So I'm worried the transfer didn't work. Can I just click "continue without backup" and the data will eventually appear or is the information that there isn't a backup file on my iCloud an indicator that the transfer didn't work?
    (I downloaded the Win version via the official website and bought the license yesterday.)

  13. DOES NOT WORK. I paid for the full license. When you go to transfer the data, it says that “there is no whatsapp detected on destination iphone” – but there is a whatsapp on it. All that gets sent over are empty group chats

  14. hi darren… i got a problem here… i cant use wondershare apps… coz it says the apps didnt support my android version… do u know any apps that supprort whatsapp transfer between android 11 version to ios… Tq in advance

  15. Hello.

    I have purchased the Mac version which is also around 15$ more expensive from windows (why??)
    I bought the full version and finally was able to recover android data as photos contacts,etc. to my new iPhone 13 pro max.
    I also used the whatsup backup option to transfer its data.

    I have two complains/comments.
    1. The navigation help is not updated for whatsup and phone to phone backup. Titles had changed and it requires several guessing if I am selecting the correct thing. I consider myself very very technical and even had iPhone 4 before switched to android and it was complicated for me.

    2. The progress report is very poor at 1st nothing moves and it took me a while (take a shower) to see there is green progress bar at all.

    Overall it does the job done. And with some latest polish update it could be a great recommendation.

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