40 thoughts on “How to upgrade and manage your iCloud storage on iPhone or iPad | Apple Support”

  1. I have the Apple One, premier subscription and I'm using the custom domain names that come with iCloud +, which for the most part work well, however, I can't add seperate signatures for each custom domain, even though I can have 5 custom domains? Can you pls look into this?

  2. for everyone whose upgrade button isn't working, try upgrading from the icloud app on windows or from the settings app on ur mac, it worked for me!

  3. I've had iCloud+ for years. Suddenly I don't anymore. Whenever I try to upgrade, the phone just sends me back to payment-settings, where my payment methods are listed. I have tried updating my card and apple pay, still nothing. I know the payments options I have added are valid because I have other active subscriptions on my phone. Wtf apple

  4. In my phone it doesn’t show me the plans option, it shows me only for 2TB, and when I want to show this plan it shows me the payment & shipping page!! and eventually it doesn’t work! And tried so many times!
    Before I update my phone this problem never happened..!

  5. Hi , i still cannot manage to pay using my apple account. It has been shown “payment and shipping” due to my apple account is already top up $15.00. Any solution for this?

  6. When I try to buy a new storage plan it takes me to "payment method" but I have $1.71 in my account and I'm trying to buy 50GB for $0.99

  7. I can’t manage to upgrade , when I click on upgrade and go on to the plan I want. It says ‘ your storage could not be upgraded. Try again later.’

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