How to use Dual SIM on an iPhone – 2021

This video discusses how Dual SIM works on an iPhone and what you need to do to set it up.

iPhone 12 Pro Max:

## Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
00:57 – How Dual SIM Works
03:11 – Why Dual SIM is Good
03:47 – What Carrier Should I Use?
04:13 – eSIM’s
06:00 – The Benefits of Using a Different Carrier
07:16 – Which Carriers do I use
08:38 – Dual SIM Settings
12:50 – How to Use Dual SIM On an iPhone
15:34 – Final Thoughts

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28 thoughts on “How to use Dual SIM on an iPhone – 2021”

  1. Hey nice video friend. I have a question for you. I have a contact and I adjust it eg to primary card. In my history calls I have contact with this with secondary card. When I call the person by the history even I have select primary card and I have select to always call him with primary it calls by secondary. Why happens this? What can I do? I hope to understand my question and I am waiting your answer. I am a new member of iOS and it is so difficult for me to understand his philosophy.

  2. great video. Ok, I have an iPhone 13, I'm about to move to Portugal where I want to use the carrier Vodaphone. I also want to keep my USA number with Verizon. Do I get a Vodaphone sim card and add verizon as an esim secondary? I will only use my USA number once a month or so, and when visiting family once a year.

  3. I just converted to dual sim and I can’t get my secondary line, my business line to transfer over any contacts or apps or data. I added the phone number. I have a physical as well as an esim and it’s only showing content from my primary phone. I have no access to anything from the secondary line other than the ability to use the phone number. How do I access all my business texts and contacts and photos on the new dual sim phone?

  4. You may want to update this video with some of the iOS 15 features. To transfer physical to eSIM without involving your carrier. And eSIM transfer between iPhones, either when setting up a new phone during the transfer process or once a phone is setup, as long as they’re both logged into the same iCloud account.

  5. Thank you for this video, this explained this better than the other videos as in more depth and detail.
    Now it makes full sense.
    I got an eSIM for a pre-paid T-Moblie plan because of going out of range for Verizon quite often and with signal being spotty in certain areas.
    I did it mostly for data less for texting and calling on the pre-paid T-Moblie plan

  6. I have two business, which I’m going to start using two numbers for. Can i use google voice on either of the SIMs that are activated to thr phone? Or even one Google voice forwarded to each SIM line simultaneously?(not that i’d use it, but just trying to get a better understanding)

  7. I know, I know, the US market is not the same as the European market. But dual sim has been around since 2010 on android, and it is almost standard on Samsung flagship models outside the US. I wish Apple would just offer a second slot.

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