Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 10 Plus Camera Test Comparison!

My camera comparison of Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – We test Photos, 4K video, night mode, microphone quality, and more! Enter the Giveaway here:
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Scoring system:

How the score is calculated:

1. This test is split into many different categories, for example “Ultrawide video quality” or “low-light zoom photography”
2. Each category is assigned an importance rating out of 10, for example, “daylight photography”, which gets a 10 is far more important for most people than “5x Zoom video in Low-light”, which gets a 2
3. Within each category, each phone gets a score out of 10 for how good it is in that category.
4. The number of points a phone gets in each category = Importance of category x Score in that category. For example, if the Huawei P30 Pro scored 5/10 in a catgory that’s 5/10 important, then The P30 Pro’s score for this category would be 5 x 5 = 25 points
5. (Some categories may change between camera comparisons as new features are introduced, so scores cannot be compared BETWEEN tests, only WITHIN them)

Weights applied to each category:

Standard wide angle video – 7
Zoom video – 4
Ultrawide-video – 4
Portrait video – 2
Audio Zoom – 1
4K Stabilisation – 5
FullHD Stabilisation – 5
Ultrawide Stabilisation – 4
Slow Motion – 4
Daytime Photos – 10
Zoom Photos – 5
Ultrawide photos – 5
Macro – 3
Portrait mode – 5
Low Light Photos – 7
Low Light Ultrawide- 3
Low Light Zoom– 3
Flash – 3
Low light Video – 5
Low Light video Ultrawide – 2
Low Light video Zoom – 3
Low light Selfie – 2
Selfies / Portrait selfies – 6
Front Video – 5
Audio – 7

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48 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 10 Plus Camera Test Comparison!”

  1. CORRECTION – Turns out the iPhone 11 Pro has Audio Zoom too, I completely missed that – so we can add another 5-7 points for this onto the iPhone's score. This won't change the order, but still worth noting – sorry about that – Also, this video has been a LONG time in the works – but let me know if you find the scoring system useful, and if I should keep it going on future tests! 🙂
    Enter the giveaway at this link:

  2. In the two reviews I've seen, the iphone is always in the middle, huewei on the vlogger's right and samsung on the left. Why?

  3. I believe the back audio is better on Samsung than Apple but the Apple has better audio on selfie side.
    It's a mixup to be honest. All are definitely good

  4. The Mate and Note 10 can take better overall pictures than the iPhone, but they take a lot of work and fiddle to get the right shot. It's much easier to nail with the iPhone. This is based on my experience, and no I'm not a pro photographer in any way.

  5. Vow, Huawei outperforms in most areas. No wonder former US president Trump used every conceivable trick to suppress the company

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