iOS 15 OFFICIAL On iPhone 7! (Review)


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iOS 15 OFFICIAL On iPhone 7! (Review)

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28 thoughts on “iOS 15 OFFICIAL On iPhone 7! (Review)”

  1. Updated to ios 15 most apps crashed and required a restart + uninstalling, but my Instagram is still having issues, uninstalled and installed and crashes again forever

  2. I just heard that a lot of people who don’t have the latest update are getting hacked! From what I heard, they send you a message & even if you don’t click on it, you’re already hacked! Has anybody heard about this???

  3. That drag-n-drop is just so cumbersome, it’s still far better to just use the share button and direct it to the notes app or whatever.

    Typical of updates recently: here’s a completely useless feature but look it’s fun and pretty! Meanwhile we still can’t get fucking cursor buttons on the keyboard because …. Nope, nobody has a because.

  4. When I tried downloading ios14.7 my phone couldn’t upgrade but I wan to use my system to upgrade to iOS 15.1 hope my phone won’t crash

  5. I’ve been using iOS 15 for more than a month on an iPhone 7 but there is a problem in the settings app because there is no rounded corners in the app there still the iOS 14 design

  6. 15.1 is out now. I’m still scared to go from 14 to 15 tho. Is there going to be a time when I should, or should my phone just never update again?

  7. I have being trying IOS-15 on a iPhone 7 for quite a long time now. I would recommend NOT updating I realise that there is a issue of your phone ramping up for no reason and will heat up, this is a common occurrence and requires a restart. Also due to this the battery falls fast, so I recommend staying on iOS-14 if you have anything lower then a iPhone 11

  8. Updated to ios 15.0.2. So far great experience, a bit of stuttering from time to time but almost unnoticeable

    Edit: to the people that say its too laggy, I have been using it for a few days now and it’s a great experience. So far no bugs and no issues. Smooth experience but I do only get some of the new features.

  9. I Have An IPhone 7 (32gb ) IOS 12.2 I want To Update It To 13.7 But in Settings It’s Showing IOS 15 .i Don’t Wanna Update It To IOS 15
    Any Suggestions??

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