iOS vs Android 2020!

iOS vs Android 2020! Hello all and welcome to this mid 2020 video comparison of the latest version of iOS 13.5.1 vs Android 10 June 2020. The intentions of this video is to provide you with a detailed look at many of the core differences and features of each operating system. We don’t cover every single feature in this video, but we do cover many of the core experience differences. iOS for iPhone has come a long way but the core functionality remains similar to its introduction way back in 2007. Android 10 is far different from the original days of Android software, but which one comes out on top will depend on a few factors! Check out the video to find out which you are more leaning towards in 2020. If you have iOS phone or Android phone, please share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and questions below with the community 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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33 thoughts on “iOS vs Android 2020!”

  1. *P.S. I mistakenly in the video said New York City instead of New York in the assistants section, was thinking about the city due to the city being the highlight of the current events lately*

    iOS vs Android 2020! After both systems being updated yesterday, this inspired a mid 2020 comparison of both operating systems! Let's Gooo!! Share your pick for mid 2020!

  2. Gestures are not Apple's invention. They were used for the first time in Nokia N9 (MeeGo OS). Apple, as usual, "reinvented" sth. 😉

  3. theres and option to put stuff in the top middle bottom on iphone x and any above.
    you can also clear all its in settings and you can turn up ur camera quality with a app while on samsung you cant

  4. I was once a fellow IOS user until I got my first Android phone
    Customization-wise I would pick Android over IOS any day of the week
    But the only reason I'm also rooting for IOS is that Android doesn't have facetime 😅
    If Android had Facetime, I'd never need to use my iPhone again lol

  5. I'll always be a sucker for iOS simply because of the attention to design & simplicity. I like the fact that customization isn't heavily extensive as it allows for a more unified experience with a consistent theme.

  6. Apple and iOS is – and always will be – a pioneer and inventor of electronic devices and software (even if Steve Jobs is no longer around – R.I.P, mate)!

    Google, the Open Handset Alliance (Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Oppo, etc) and Android are just imitators!
    They say: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" – well, not in the field of electronic and technology innovation, it isn't!

    It's ironic, though, for me to highly praise Apple and iOS since I'm an Android developer! That says pretty much about Apple's achievement as a technology company and its continued leadership in the computing market!

  7. The app search for google is horrible IMO as a pixel 3 user. It often gives google search results rather than the actual app you have installed.

  8. I personally don’t care about phones. Like I don’t need 16 gb of ram to watch youtube or scroll through my instagram feed. Just get whatever you want

  9. If you listen to podcast alot then you should know that Android has a better podcast app named Podcast Addict, it's not in the apple app store. Also Samsung still have the best displays. The S10E has a better display than the iphone 12 pro Max. Iphone used OLED screens now, but they are still no match for Samsung's Dynamic AMOLED. Plus Android has a million features in settings, well the Samsung phones do anyway. Iphone wins in overall smoothness. Since their OS is locked and you can't customize it besides the new widgets the ios got. So even with 4GB of RAM like the iphone 12 pro mini is still smooth than phones with 12 GB of RAM

  10. I’ll give you one HUUUGE reason not to use an iPhone: no undelete for text messages. On iOS, if you accidentally delete a text message or entire conversation, you’re f*cked. It’s gone, along with any pics or attachments in that conversation. Sorry!

    On Android, if this happens you just go into trash and recover. Easy peasy. If you have kids and they ever get ahold of your iPhone, watch out!

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