28 thoughts on “iphone 11 aesthetic unboxing asmr 🌷 in 2021 mint green + camera test”

  1. I bought etui, charger and protect glass and im gonna buy iphone 11 black version in 1 week. Im so excited. Thanks for this unboxing asmr this phone is so pretty. Subscribed.

  2. i have been watching unboxing videos for the past week bc i am also getting an iphone 11 that ive been waiting for about 2 weeks now and itll be here by friday and i love watching the satisfaction of unboxing a phone especially when its a big upgrade (android/iphone 6-8 to iphone 11-13+) and it makes me realize that much people dont get opportunities like this like my sister since shes been bugging me about having my old phone 😅

  3. I am getting an 11 on my birthday and I can't stop watching these videos ahh but choosing a colour is so hard I am super confused between purple and the mint green both are so adorable 🥺😩❤️❤️

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