iPhone 11 or iPhone XR? – Before you choose…

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iPhone 11 Review — https://youtu.be/xZbw3R-HEos
iPhone XR Review — https://youtu.be/-viErY2Mpu4

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30 thoughts on “iPhone 11 or iPhone XR? – Before you choose…”

  1. what do you think would be a better move, a secondhand iphone xr or a brandnew phone 11? Im really stuck with these choices we can afford to buy bnew but im thinking if its worth it xr would also be fine plus i could save a lot, btw i came from iphone 6. Im really looking forward with this upgrade

  2. Great review thanks, I’ve currently got a 7 and was considering a xr but after watching this I’m geared towards the 11 I can get either one on a contract in the uk for the same price, I watched other reviews about battery life and the xr seemed to be better, if true that would be the only reason I would go for the xr, keep up the good consumer advice👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. I got the Coral XR 2 weeks ago. Couldn't pass the price when we went to Toronto (Php34,000) They also had the 11 and they look so pretty!!! But if I'm getting it here in the PH, I would definitely go with the Iphone 11.

  4. i really wanted the CORAL XR last july but ended waiting for iphone 11. haha aun nakapag pre order ako nung oct18 sa globe as renewal then nakuha agad nung oct25 nung launching ng ip11 dito sa pinas.
    plan 999 ako tapos total 2649 monthly lang babayaran ko for the next 24months. iphone 11 256gb product red. ang ang ganda ng pagkared nya, hindi na sya dark red. para syang fushia red haha

  5. My postpaid plan is due for renewal. I have 2 options in mind. Get the XR and pay 2,020 monthly or get the 11 and pay 2,270 monthly.. Sulit na ba ang XR for another 2 years?

  6. Time wasting, no one, not even Apple told you Xr is a budget phone, the proof is that iPhone 11 takes a lot of items from it, a year later and is cheaper at launch than Xr, so we can says 11 is a budget phone

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