iPhone 11 Pro & Airpods Unboxing Review (ASMR)

Unbox therapy ASMR. iPhone 11 Pro and the airpods along with screen protector and phone case review. Travel pillow, plastic crinkles and tapping featured along with headphones, cables, boxes, plastic all for your triggers tingles. This is probably the largest unboxing I’ve ever done but it was about time to upgrade from my four year old phone… Long awaited and deserved. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. It is also Mama Bomboni’s birthday today. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro & Airpods Unboxing Review (ASMR)”

  1. I’m so late but welcome to the IPhone 11 fam!
    I have a regular 11 in the mint color and I love it so much!!

    Also privacy screen protectors are amazing period.

  2. Nice looking phone but too big for me. You can keep the box and prank a friend or a relative and give them the box and put an old phone in the box haha, I'd do it. Kids these days don't appreciate old phones, I remember the flip phones and slider phones, I'd get another one, one of these days, smart phones are becoming too much these days.

  3. We have the same one! Isn’t it a beautiful phone? I love the green color. Totally Random Note: even though the 11 pro is supposed to be waterproof up to 30 meters of water, taking it into the shower to stream episodes, while it rests on the shower shelf, completely out of the stream of water, is not a good idea. 🙁

  4. Fun fact, I got this in gold because i wanted that colour… but then, I put an otterbox case on it so… heum… so long for the colour! Didn't think this through!

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