iPhone 11 Pro Review

The iPhone 11 Pro might sport a three-year-old design but a new ultrawide camera, 1,200-nit Super Retina XDR display and even longer battery life makes this smartphone feel new on the inside.

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Review”

  1. I’ve had my iPhone 7 for four years now and the battery is dyeing it only lasts a couple hours I’ve just ordered this phone online I’m going to miss my iPhone 7 but the upgrade is needed

  2. “Switching between apps is instantaneous” until the next iphone drops and updates start to F up the phone and slow it down purposely

  3. What's that game at 2:37 ?
    By the way you should be ashamed of positively reviewing an iphone instead of directing users towards better and more affordable phones, I'm not gonna get into which phone is better than the other between all the other brands, but that someone would ever consider Iphone is a testament to misinformation in consumers and promoting it is beyond unethical, some kids and people are actually believing you and spending money on this, I know it's mostly their fault but making it worse doesn't make you any better than apple

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