iPhone 11 Pro Review: 6 Months Later!

iPhone 11 Pro plus iPhone 12 thoughts. I was wrong about 3D Touch!
That wallpaper: https://i.imgur.com/4SwaaPo.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro original review: https://youtu.be/DyX-QZZBgpw

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Review: 6 Months Later!”

  1. I had scratches on my iPhone 8 Plus the first day I purchased it and it was getting worst by the day😅 even the back glass was getting scratched so much. Even tho I hate screen protectors and cases but i ended up using it anyway lol. I also have an android phone, completely naked, no case, no screen protector and… ZERO scratches. So yeah I guess iPhone screen sucks but anyway, now I have the 11 with screen protector and a thin case.

  2. Apple biggest mistakes for me is removed audio jack and touch id.
    Fingerprint sensor could be on the side of the phone like in power button, or even under the display like many android’s phone does.. because face id sometimes is useless at some angle and in the dark..
    No Audio jack is makes me have to buy separated dongle, because buying wireless earphone is not that cheap..

  3. I love my IPhone 11 Pro.
    I’m kinda glad my iPhone 6s Plus died back in 2020. I was forced to get the 11 and I’ve never regretted it.
    I got the black one ofc.

  4. I never spent more than $200 for a new phone. My daughter wants an Iphone 11. $700 for a reburbished. Is it worth it?

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